Tesla Coil Design Manual

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The Tesla Coil Design Manual has been written to supplement the information on Tesla coils given in the Tesla Coil Construction Guide . Note that this is a design manual and construction techniques are not included. Tesla coils using the designs in this handbook will work satisfactorily provided quality materials and good construction methods are used. Many articles have been written giving construction details for building Tesla coils and the reader is referred to these publications for this type of information. Tesla coils have the ability to generate intense electric fields that may be... continue reading »

Tesla Coil Construction Guide

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The new Tesla Coil Construction Guide replaces the original Tesla Handbook by John H. Couture published in 1988. Because the handbook has proven to be so popular with Tesla coil builders as a construction book it was decided to revise it and bring it up to date under a new name. Most of the contents of the original handbook has been retained but some obsolete information has been left out and new information included. The new information includes additional Tesla coil plans, computer printouts, and rotary and air blast spark gaps. Also new is information on Tesla coil metering and additional... continue reading »

Tesla Handbook

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The Tesla coil is a high frequency, high voltage, air core, resonant transformer. It differs from the more familiar low frequency, iron core transformer in many ways including the unique capability of magnifying power (not energy). Tesla invented the Tesla coil in the 1890s and engineers since then have used the concept in many products including utility high voltage apparatus, radio transmission, and medical equipment. However, Tesla coils offer many other possibilities that have not been developed to date. Future uses for Tesla coils will be in the more efficient transmission of electrical... continue reading »

JHCTES Tesla Coil Notebook

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This notebook has been written to supplement the design and engineering information presented in the Tesla Coil Design Manual (TCDM). It also includes engineering information for using the JHCTES computer program. Each of the program's 46 input and output parameters are listed with explanations of how they work in the program. The notebook also includes computer printouts for a typical 1,000 watt Tesla coil and the Colorado Springs coil. Because of the complex relationship of the Tesla coil parameters, some of the outputs appear to be incorrect. The explanation given for each parameter shows... continue reading »