Nikola Tesla: Memorandum Book On The Occasion of His 80th Birthday cover

Nikola Tesla: Memorandum Book On The Occasion of His 80th Birthday

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A collection of articles and letters related to Tesla and his 80th birthday. Articles in Serbian, French, German, Russian and English with several photographs.
Enterprise & Innovation in the Pikes Peak Region front cover.

Enterprise & Innovation in the Pikes Peak Region

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“Enterprise & Innovation in the Pikes Peak Region” was the subject of the 7th Annual Pikes Peak Regional History Symposium. This book includes the research presented at the symposium, as well as some supplemental resources that round-out a discussion of the diverse innovations of the region. Developments in invention, commerce, science, flight, tourism, crafts, arts, acting, healing and community building are explored in the chapters of this book. Every idea, attempt, failure and accomplishment was founded on dreams and the anticipation of success. The topic of Enterprise and Innovation... continue reading »

Nikola Tesla: Life and Work of a Genius

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Contents include: In Honor of Tesla's Genius by Milan Bulajić · Nikola Tesla, the Man, Engineer, Humanist and Innovator by Frank Jenkins · The Inventions and Inspiration of Nikola Tesla by Veljko Korać · Nikola Tesla and Energy in the Modern World by Tomo Bosanac · Motors - Mankind's Power by J.C. White · Generators - Meeting Today's and Tomorrow's Needs by Dean Harrington and Karl Drexler · Electrical Energy Transmission by Charles Wagner · Light Sources - Past, Present and Future by Roland Morin · Nikola Tesla - the Founder of Radiocommunications by Vojin Popović · Research of Nikola Tesla... continue reading »

The Very Best From The Electrical Experimenter 1916-1917

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Articles on Wireless Telegraphy, Shortwave Radio, Tesla Technology, High Voltage Projects, Electro-therapeutics and of course much more. All from the 1916 and 1917 editions of Electrical Experimenter Magazine. Includes many period advertisements that will also educate and amuse.