3 Scientists Walk into a Bar

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mI-fH8qgG7g"3 Scientists Walk into a Bar" is a new original series developed for The Weather Channel.Late last year my friend Travis Taylor called me and asked me to give him a hand with a new TV show he was hosting for The Weather Channel. Travis and I had worked together a few years ago on the National Geographic series Rocket City Rednecks and it was great to hear from him. Travis went on to tell me that the show would feature a variety of scientific experiments and of course I was eager to help. I met with Travis and one of the show's producers a week or so later to go over the details and I started work immediately on a 10 foot (3 meters) tall model tornado.

3 Scientists Walk into a Bar” premieres as a sneak peek on Sunday, May 31 from 7:00-10:00 p.m. ET with three back-to-back episodes on The Weather Channel. The show will feature the tornado and several other devices I helped design and build. And of course there will be lightning :).

Take a look at the preview clip and keep an eye out for me with Travis around the 1 minute mark. See if you can guess what we exploded in the box.

It is my understanding that I will appear in 5 episodes including the 2nd and 3rd, which air on May 31st. Tesla Universe co-webmaster, Phillip Slawinski, assisted with several episodes and will appear in the show as well.

The show is interesting, funny and thought-provoking. Please watch on the 31st and stay tuned here on Tesla Universe for additional information and a few behind-the-scenes photos in future news posts.

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Hi Cameron,
3 Scientists changed my life...no really. I was watching Travis explain about how astronauts clear their inner ear of vertigo by shaking their head like a cat. I told myself I was going to remember that. For three weeks I have been battling vertigo, even had to go to the ER and was given meds. This morning I woke up with the room spinning. Immediately I initiated "Operation Shake Like A Cat" and instantly the vertigo was gone. Whoa. I am more than pleased. Please tell Travis thank you for including that tidbit of info in the series show.

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