The Tesla gun

Tesla Gun

Backpack-powered, portable lightning, Ghostbuster style

The Tesla Gun is a totally self-contained, portable lightning machine consisting of a backpack providing battery storage, CPU and power supply circuits along with a pistol grip mounted Tesla coil capable of producing nearly 6-foot (2-meter) spark lengths. The power supply circuitry is water-cooled and capable of continuous run times of several minutes up to several hours in non-continuous operation.

Advanced control circuity allows the sparks produced by the gun to be varied in length, frequency and pulse-rate.

The gun can be used to ignite Hydrogen-filled balloons for a nice bang, or directed into a grounded rod to roast marshmallows or hot dogs.

At lower power levels the sparks aren't painful and those brave enough can actually touch them.

Need a Ghostbuster at your next event equipped with a working Proton pack? We have you covered.

We have multiple guns available for your next shoot or event.

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