Nikola Tesla Lecturing

Nikola Tesla Lectures

Lectures given by Nikola Tesla
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May 16th, 1888

I desire to express my thanks to Professor Anthony for the help he has given me in this matter. I would also like to express my thanks to Mr. Pope and Mr. Martin for their aid. The notice was rather...

May 20th, 1891

There is no subject more captivating, more worthy of study, than nature. To understand this great mechanism, to discover the forces which are active, and the lams which govern them, is the highest aim...

February, 1892

I cannot find words to express how deeply I feel the honor of addressing some of the foremost thinkers of the present time, and so many able scientific men, engineers and electricians, of the country...

February 24th, 1893

INTRODUCTORY — SOME THOUGHTS ON THE EYE When we look at the world around us, on Nature, we are impressed with its beauty and grandeur. Each thing we perceive, though it may be vanishingly small, is in...

September 13th, 1898

Some theoretical possibilities offered by currents of very high frequency and observations which I casually made while pursuing experiments with alternating currents, as well as the stimulating...


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