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Nikola Tesla statue in Palo Alto, CA

Nikola Tesla Statue in Silicon Valley

The idea for a statue of Nikola Tesla in the Silicon Valley originated with Northern Imagination and was backed by 722 people on Kickstarter on June 2, 2013. It was unveiled December 7, 2013. Dorrian...

Tesla peeks out the door of the Colorado Springs laboratory, early summer 1899

Colorado Springs Experimental Station

In 1899 Nikola Tesla made his third visit to Colorado and this time stayed for about 6 months in Colorado Springs. He built a laboratory there he called his “Experimental Station” and did some of his...

Niagara Falls powerhouse and Tesla/Westinghouse Dynamos

Niagara Falls

Harnessed by Tesla in 1896 with the Edward Dean Adams Power Plant which was based on Tesla's 25 Hz AC power system.