• Tesla Timeline
    A graphical representation of important or significant dates throughout Tesla's life and beyond.
  • Tesla Quotes
    Nikola Tesla was known for wisdom in a lot of different areas. This is a collection of quotes from him about various topics.
  • Tesla Documents
    A collection of Tesla-related documents, mostly from around the 1899-1900 period, including his time in Colorado Springs. A Tesla Universe exclusive provided by the late Bill Wysock.
  • Tesla Images
    Our collection of Nikola Tesla photos which includes portraits, patent drawings, friends, relatives, inventions, statues, medals, awards, and much more.
  • Tesla Books
    A searchable database of Nikola Tesla related books with ratings and reviews submitted by Tesla Universe members.
  • Tesla Patents
    Nikola Tesla received numerous patents for his well-known inventions such as: motors, the alternating current power system, wireless power transmission. The Tesla patent database contains all of Tesla's patents meticulously restored and for the first time, in a searchable index.
  • Tesla Articles
    Nikola Tesla authored hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines during his lifetime. We have collected many of these articles as well as those written about Tesla by other authors.
  • Tesla Landmarks
    Nikola Tesla's work impacted the entire world. The Tesla Universe Landmarks database displays locations across the globe which are significant to Tesla.