Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla (Extraordinary Science)

January, 1995

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was born in an area of the world which was referred to as the Austria-Hungarian Empire. The exact location was a town called Smiljian, Croatia, which lies in a subgroup of states which once comprised the country known as Yugoslavia. He was of Serbian heritage. His father was an Orthodox Serbian Priest and his mother, also a Serb, was a local inventor.

Tesla, did not have a normal childhood. It was beset with many exciting, as well as harrowing events. His mother trained his imagination and inspired his creativeness, which propelled him to be the greatest inventor the world has ever seen. He had his first invention at the age of five. Through the use of his extraordinary vision, he could construct and test inventions long before he put them to paper or model. He was a scientist at a time when scientists were referred to as “natural philosophers.” His intimate knowledge of nature is apparent when one closely examines his devices.

Tesla’s inventions are monumental. They include radio (in 1943, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Tesla had priority in radio), the alternating current motor, bladeless turbines and pumps, high frequency, high voltage circuitry, logic circuits, robotics, and electrotherapeutics. During his career, he registered and patented over 100 inventions in the United States (over 700 worldwide).

His greatest scientific gift to the world, a gift that has never been brought forth commercially, is a system for the wireless transmission of electricity. Imagine, a power system that delivers electricity anywhere in the world and without the hazards of wire and electro-pollution. He demonstrated the system successfully in 1900, at his Colorado Springs Laboratory. This project, once started, failed when he fell short of capital. J.P. Morgan, who funded Tesla’s Niagara Falls power distribution system, was willing to initially fund it, but backed off when Tesla ran into cost overruns.

Tesla was extremely prominent in the field of medicine. As early as 1891 he discovered the “skin effect” which allowed the body to pass thousands of volts of electricity without harm. He developed high frequency devices for the treatment of injuries and other therapeutic practices. Most notably, he invented the “violet ray,” which can also be used for pain control.

Today, Tesla’s many inventions permeate the industrial world; without them, the industrial world would come
to a halt. Tesla said he’d be dead for a hundred years before technology would catch up to him. This is not surprising when you discover that Nikola Tesla first introduced laser technology in 1908. Another colossal invention was his “death ray.” This is a device that can cut an airplane out of the sky at 200 miles or further. This is the device that competed with the “Manhattan Project,” in our search to bring world war two, to a swift conclusion.

Tesla was quite a celebrity during his lifetime. On a social level, Tesla regularly entertained such notables as Mark Twain in his New York lab. Befriended by George Westinghouse, Tesla was able to see the implementation of his AC electrical system despite stiff opposition by Thomas Edison and associates. Betrayed by the magnates of his time including J.P. Morgan, credit for his invention of the radio was stolen by G. Marconi. Tesla was posthumously vindicated after a twenty year court battle. His funeral, attended by royalty and high-ranking government officials stands as a testament to this great scientist.

Much of Tesla’s work was suppressed by his powerful competitors and other interests within our own government. To this day, the FBI and the Alien Property Office, have withheld materials and papers of his which were confiscated upon his death.

Most remarkable, are Tesla’s own writings. You will find that his prescription for life was one of peace knowledge and a life style that embodies all of the good things that you may have thought only existed in passages from religious texts. He reveals how we are all related physically and psychologically and how we must strive to make this a better world.

The International Tesla Society was created in 1984 to make the general public aware of Tesla’s numerous contributions to mankind and to carry forth the research Tesla pioneered. This is done through the Society’s numerous publications and annual conferences. Nikola Tesla once stated that he lived for the future. As one delves into Tesla’s work, it will become self evident that Tesla truly was a Man Out of Time!


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