Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Will "Wire" to France

May 17th, 1899

The Wizard of Electricity Arrives in City at Noon and Will Carry on Extensive Experiments in Connection With Wireless Telegraphy and Upper Atmosphere.

Nikola Tesla, the wizard of electricity, arrived in the city at noon to-day.

At an altitude of over 14,000 feet he will harness the powers of the upper heavens and compel them to do his bidding. He will carry on extensive investigations in the realm of his chosen science - electricity, and with a view of solving the problem of sending a telegraphic message around the world, he will harness the Pegasus of the upper air to the chariot of science and bid it carry his messages whither he wills.

“I propose to send a message from Pike’s Peak to Paris,” said Mr. Tesla, in the corridor of the Alta Vista hotel this afternoon.

The Telegraph man asked him why he had chosen Colorado Springs as the basis of his operation. He replied: “I might as well tell you the truth. I have come here to carry on a series of exhaustive experiments in regard to wireless telegraphy. I will be here perhaps several months. I come here for work.” He spoke quickly and softly and the cadence of a foreign tongue did not sound at all unpleasantly to one’s ear.

“I see no reason why I should keep the thing a secret longer,” he said. “I have been preparing for a long while to come here and carry on these experiments which have been so much to me. I am here to work out a system of transmission at a distance. I propose to propagate electrical disturbances without wires. I find it necessary to investigate the higher strata of air which I find so convenient to do in this altitude. I will also investigate electrical disturbances through the air and the earth.

“Are you going in the near future, to flash your message from Pike’s Peak to Long’s Peak or some other mountain of Colorado?” was asked.

Here to Work.

“No,” he replied, with quickness, almost approaching irritation. “I am here to work. It is not pleasure. I am very busy and life is short and there is a great deal to be done. I will attempt to design an apparatus to use in wireless telegraphy everywhere. Everything is crude yet. I hope to perfect it,” he said, and he warmed up in his conversation, becoming very animated.

“Will you go Pike’s Peak to-morrow?” was asked.

“I may go to-morrow or I may not. I am tired. I have been traveling, and may rest a few days. I have many experiments to make which will take several weeks. I must study the conditions of the upper strata of air and that will be my work. I have sent them already over distances and need not try that now. It is conditions I want to study. There are great laws which I want to discover and principles to command. When I have mastered this I will attempt my long distance signalling.”

Two Assistants.

“While here I shall make my headquarters at the Alta Vista hotel, where I have my suite. Two of my assistants are coming and they will bring many instruments for the work. With these we will carry on our work and we will be very busy. There are conditions which I must study,” he repeated, as if deeply impressed with some great thought or theory, which he was revolving in his brain. He lapsed into silence for a few seconds and then referred for a third time to the fact that he was here to study the upper strata of air.

He added: “In this high altitude there is much to be learned. The electrical conditions are more active than at the lower levels. Your air is charged with electricity. I hope for favorable results.”

Tesla begged to be excused, saying he was wearied of the journey. He refused to state anything concerning his theories of signaling to Mars, or to some of the more distant planets except to reiterate his former statement that he was here for work in connection with wireless telegraphy.

Who He Is.

Nikola Tesla is a foreigner. His speech betrays it, yet he is a master of the English language, which he speaks remarkably well. His tones are soft and evenly modulated. He arrived from Denver at 1 o’clock to-day over the Gulf, and was met by his old time friend, Mr. Leonard Curtis, of the law firm of Hall, Preston & Babbitt. Mr. Curtis has known Mr. Tesla for the past fifteen years, and through Mr. Curtis’ law firm in New York city then known as Kerr, Curtis and Page the business end of Mr. Tesla’s affairs were conducted. All the great legal battles which Mr. Tesla has been compelled to wage in this country to protect his patent inventions have been carried on through Mr. Curtis’ firm.

Mr. Tesla was Mr. Curtis’ guest at lunch to-day at the El Paso club, and will be entertained by him for several days awaiting the arrival of Mr. Tesla’s assistants.

As Tesla walked out of the Alta Vista to the El Paso club he took in the surroundings. As the breeze struck his cheek coming from the mountain, he glanced over to Pike’s Peak and a look of preoccupation came into his eyes. The great electrician is wrapped up in his life work, and it apparently takes but little to throw him into a contemplative state from which he rouses himself with an effort. He, however, is a vigorous conversationalist and is very easy to approach. But when he once sets himself to his work he is difficult to see as his experiments require the closest watching and most intense application.


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