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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla's Childhood

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Tesla in his youth

Today, scientists are widely debating whether it is possible to discover in childhood, whether a child is hiding a future genius or will later live like an ordinary person. Many scientists say that it is impossible, while others claim that it is possible. Hearing about Tesla's childhood, we could claim that this is possible.

Little Nikola was, first of all, a child of exceptional curiosity, which, like other children, he did not satisfy by asking adults. When he did not get the desired answer from them, he looked for it in the books from his father's library, and when he wouldn't find it there, he would start researching on his own and so on until he found the solution he was looking for.

He was able to spend hours taking apart and then reassembling grandfather clocks that then worked normally. Later, he liked to make guns and various other toys for his friends. His favorite pastime was to build models of small water mills on the banks of nearby streams, the wheels of which were driven by the fast flow of water. Then he would be able to sit on the shore for a long time and, without pausing, observing the work of the water, think about that miraculous power of nature.

It's an interesting story about how little Nikola Tesla showed everyone in Gospić his exceptional intelligence, which will make many of his fellow citizens aware that a future genius is hidden in that skinny boy. How did that play out?

One day, the firefighters in Gospić proudly showed their fellow citizens a large new hand pump that they received as a gift from one of their countrymen from abroad. A big celebration with food, music and drinks was organized. The firefighters were dressed in parade uniforms and pretended to be important. Then, with the sounds of music, the hose was lowered into the river and the order was given to start pumping. However, to everyone's surprise, the water did not flow from the snot: the firefighters continued to pump, but nothing happened. Tired and panting people, they stopped pumping and started staring at their machine in amazement.

He reigned secret laughter and caustic jokes came from all sides. Firefighters get dressed. And while some were arguing with those present, one of them grabbed an ax and started to destroy the devil's device. And then something strange happened. A tall, dry-haired boy stands out from the crowd and asks the fireman not to destroy the pump because he will fix it himself.

The man hesitantly stopped and the little one stepped into the river and moved the hose a little. Now pump! - he said when he got out of the water. The firemen obeyed him and spouted a stream of water from their noses. Joyful shouts, applause and music are heard over the city. The celebration then continued well into the night, and the little genius went home as if nothing had happened.


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