Nikola Tesla: Scientific Savant

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November, 1999
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Calling Tesla merely “an inventor” would be like referring to Frederic Chopin as simply “a piano player.” What would cause a person to refuse a Nobel Prize? A 1915 Reuters dispatch from London stated, albeit unofficially, that Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison had been chosen to share that year’s Nobel Prize in physics. Numerous magazines and newspapers throughout the world published this report as fact. However, the awards were never made either to Tesla or to Edison. The complete story is not known, but many believe that Nicola (sic) Tesla may have refused to accept the award. Tesla was very... continue reading »

Tesla's Thermomagnetic Motor

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December, 1966
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70-71 & 114
A Little-Known Invention By That Controversial Genius Mention Nikola Tesla to any electronics hobbyist and the chances are his first thought will be of the Tesla Coil. Upon reflection, he may recall that Tesla had something to do with developing alternating current power transmission, or the invention of the induction motor. The fact is that in the early days of electricity and magnetism, Tesla’s active mind was probing in many directions to find ways of putting these forces to use. The thermomagnetic motor was one approach. Unlike the induction motor (Tesla’s most useful contribution), the... continue reading »