Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Tesla Light to Rob Oceans of Every Danger

December 7th, 1914

Electric Waves Will Also End War, Make Rain and Transform the Earth, Inventor Says.

Nikola Tesla, scientist and inventor, at the Waldorf last night told the New York American that he saw the end of war in the application of new principles of electrical construction he has discovered and with which he expects to revolutionize many of the activities of life.

“Apparatus designed in accordance with my invention, even if it be of small dimensions, is capable of transforming energy of tens and hundreds of thousands horsepower,” said Mr. Tesla.

“The lighting of the ocean, which was mentioned in The American of this morning, is only one of the leas important results to be achieved by the use of this invention. I have planned many of the details of a plant which might be erected at the Azores and which would be amply sufficient to illuminate the entire ocean so that such a disaster as that of the Titanic would not be repeated. The light would be soft and of very small intensity, but quite adequate to the purpose.

“A very timely application could just now be made in England, where a plant could be provided for illuminating London and the country in general at night to rob an attack by Zeppelins of its principal terrors. I have calculated that a plant of 75,000 horsepower would be required for the Azores, but much less power would do for the London application.

“One of the even more valuable uses to which this invention can be put is the transmission of the human voice or any kind of picture or image from one to any other point of the globe, absolutely irrespective of distance. Lighting of isolated and inaccessible places on land or sea can be effected by this, new means in cheap and satisfactory manner.

“The employment of apparatus involving the same principles will, I am satisfied, lead to undreamed of achievements. For example, it will be the power of man to precipitate rain, to draw unlimited quantities of water from the ocean. Lakes and rivers will be created in this manner and the whole globe transformed, all the work being performed by the sun, men simply controlling the process.

“Perhaps the greatest results will be in the destruction of the atom and the release of its immense energy. This discovery will make the gun obsolete. The battles of the future will be fought with electrical waves. The destructive power under control will be so prodigious that on this account alone war will become an impossibility.”


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