Tesla's Engine: A New Dimension for Power

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Journey back to the future and discover the fascinating secret behind the most powerful and economic combustion engine of our time: Tesla's whirl wind machine of natural harmony. Experience the excitement of understanding as the vortex energy, of a perfectly controlled mechanical tornado, shatters the boundaries of our current mechanical standards. This amazing engine will improve all aspects of our mechanical life. Today's applications range from high mileage vehicles and supersonic aircraft to freon free air conditioning and virtually indestructible pumps. Conventional pumps and engines... continue reading »

Boundary-Layer Breakthrough: The Bladeless Tesla Turbine, Volume II, Tesla Technology Series

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Most people remember Nikola Tesla for his work and revelations in the field of electrical energy and the invention of radio. However, Tesla had a life long interest in developing a flying machine. Tesla had envisioned himself as the first man that would fly. He had planned to build an aircraft that would operate on electric motors. However, the first men who successfully flew an aircraft used the reciprocating internal combustion engine. Though successful in achieving night, aircraft using these engines were dangerous and unpredictable, due to the engine's lack of adequate power. Tesla turned... continue reading »