Tesla at a banquet

Nikola Tesla Images and Photographs

Images and photographs of, or related to, Nikola Tesla

Tesla's home and the "Real Gymnasium" (far right) in Gospić

This photograph shows in the background the house in which Nikola Tesla's family resided while living in Gospić, Croatia. The edifice at the right is the "Real Gymnasium" where Tesla studied as a teenager. The ecclesiastic gentleman is Tesla's uncle, the Metropolitan of Bosnia, who was a great statesman and who thwarted the designs of Austria upon Serbia at a critical period.


Nikola Tesla Colorado Springs Poster

Nikola Tesla in his Colorado Springs Experimental Station - 18×24

Nikola Tesla - Engineer, Physicist, Futurist - T-Shirt

Nikola Tesla - Engineer, Physicist, Futurist - T-Shirt - Black


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