Letters to and from, or regarding Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Letters

Letters to and from, or regarding Nikola Tesla

July 10th, 1931 letter from Bradley A. Fiske to Nikola Tesla

New York City
July 10, 1931

Dear Mr. Tesla:

One of the most startling contributions to progress that have ever occurred in the year 1887, when you invented your system of multi-phase electric currents, which rendered possible the economical transmission of power over long distances, of which the first use was made in transmitting power derived from Niagara Falls.

This was an invention of the first order of merit in brilliancy and originality of conception, excellence of constructiveness and usefulness of result. Its value has been only dimly appreciated by most men, because the invention does not stand continually before our eyes, like the telephone and electric light; for it cannot be seen at all. It is not a machine or instrument (in the common use of these words) but a system, actually invisible of itself, that governs the method of design, construction and operation of the visible dynamos, motors, and conductors. Like the germ of life, we see not it, but only its manifestations.

On this, your seventy-fifth birthday, I am glad to contribute this personal appreciation of an inventive work which today has achieved universal significance.

Very sincerely yours,
Bradley A. Fiske.

Rear Admiral, U.S.N. (Retired)


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