Letters to and from, or regarding Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Letters

Letters to and from, or regarding Nikola Tesla

May 25th, 1899 letter from George Scherff to Nikola Tesla #2

New York, May 25, 1899
46 & 48 E. Ho~ston Str.

Mr. Nikola Tesla,
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Dear Mr. Tesla:

I first wish to apologize for not sending a statement yesterday. The reason was that I felt ill and also that I desired to report on the shipping of the apparatus, as directed by your telegram of yesterday morning, but which could only be done to-day as the large self-induction coils were not quite ready yesterday.

Nearly all the apparatus was sent off this morning, as I have also telegraphed. The cables had already been shipped by the American Express co., as directed in your letter of May 19, when I received your dispatch to "ship as suggested". All that now remains to be forwarded is the measuring instruments, the large relay, three small relays, the condenser in sections, several switches, a number of coherers and the balloons. All this will follow by express as soon as it is ready, which, Mr. Uhlman says, will be very soon.

He also wishes me to state that he has changed the independent break in accordance with the instructions contained in your telegram of yesterday, that work on it has already commenced in the shop and that the drawings for castings have been sent to the pattern maker.

The work on the balloons is being pushed as rapidly as possible. The spar varnish is slow drying and they can, therefore be varnished only in sections until they can be inflated. The parts which are dry seem to be perfectly tight.

Mr. Loewenstein leaves to-morrow by way of the N. Y. Central. Not having power of attorney, I could not draw the money necessary for his trip from the Chatham National Bank. I therefore called Mr. Brown, as I understood you to say I should do in case your checks did not arrive in time, but I must have misunderstood as Mr. Brown says your words were just the opposite. So I will myself lay out the money, seventy-five dollars, for Mr. Loewenstein's expenses.

I send inclosed a contract of the N. Y. Telephone Company, which should be signed in the two places marked in pencil and returned before the first of June. I also forward Mr. Merckling's bill, as he has requested me to do, saying he is greatly in need of the money.

Geo. Scherff