Letters to and from, or regarding Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Letters

Letters to and from, or regarding Nikola Tesla

October 12th, 1899 letter from Nikola Tesla to George Scherff

Colorado Springs, Oct. 12, 1899

My dear Mr. Scherff,

I shall soon return to the city - with glorious results, but financially - well, let us not speak of it. I hope that I shall find everything in satisfactory shape.

The condenser on new oscillator should be made of paper three-four thicknesses.

Tell them to be careful in building it. The other apparatus with the mica condenser ought to be fixed up so as to light a few tubes. It ought to give a very steady light because the conditions for working will be better than in others.

As I have not forwarded check to Meyer please tell him on the first opportunity that I shall return very shortly. An important thing would be to make arrangements for making up more tubes as those we have in stock. I think Alfred with a few trials ought to be able to make them. Uhlman can direct him and if he can do it tell the boy that I will gladly pay him a few dollars more. I think he deserves it anyway.

If he can not make tubes you ought to find a boy who can as I shall want good many of them. Mr. Uhlman I suppose knows all about the working of the pwnp and the manner in which the tubes are to be exhausted.

N. Tesla

P. S. Under inclosure check for $200. If I recollect rightly you should have drawn already 200 - 125 325$ without my check. Please confirm or correct this statement with return mail.