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Tesla was granted nearly 200 patents worldwide
31 J 1 (No Model.) No. 517,900. G² Witriesses! Raphaël Netter Ernest Hopkinson N. TESLA. STEAM ENGINE. Fig.1 522 E Patented Apr. 10, 1894. Awwwwwwww 12 Sheets-Sheet 1. B THE NATIONAL LTDGRAF COMPANY

74 (No Model.) No. 517,900. Fig. 2 Witnesses: Raphaël Netter Ernest Hop Rinson N. TESLA. STEAM ENGINE. 2 Sheets-Sheet 2. Patented Apr. 10, 1894. THE NATIONAL LITHOGONARY. SASTORL a or Inventor Nikola

I 1 1 J 1 T 3 T (Serial Number,) 49 50791893. 5179.00 Nikola Tesla Patent No. Parts of application filed. Of County of State of. Invention (EXT's Book,) D New yor New york Steam Engines 227 L... اور

76 Application. Li papers. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 1893 Cylinder CONTENTS: 15. 16. 17: 18. 19. 20.- 21. 22. 23: 2 3. Better Duch 194 4. Amendit. B mas 594. 5. Rejection Heb.694 zhed.sy (167-A-10.000) TITLE

{ T I J A Substitute Q, ・Inan 5.94 Hon. Commissioner of Patents, Sir:- Room 248. In the Matter of the Application of Nikola Tesla, No. 495,079, Filed December 29th, 1893, ENGINES. New York, February

78 TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: BE IT KNOWN, that I, NIKOLA TESLA, a citizen of the United States, residing at. New York, in the County and State of New York, have invented certain new and us eful

T T 1 J of the spring and its own inertia or that of the moving sy stem of which it forms an immediate part. known to be true in all cases where the force which tends to bring the spring or mo va ble

80 2 in which the piston is free to reciprocate, or in other words, is not connected with a fly wheel or other like device for regulating or controlling its speed. The drawing hereto annexed

J T B is connected in any manner so as to be reciprocated by the piston rod of a small engine of constant period, constructed substantially as follows:- a is the cylinder, in which works the piston b

82 rod which does not require to be very close fitting, and constitutes an ordinary form of air spring. Lif steam or a gas under pressure be admitted through the port c to either side of the piston b

which may be increased or diminished according to the increase of pressure about or the reduction of pressure below the normal and due allowance is made in constructing the engine for a variation in

84 cylinder at defined intervals and thus any tendency to a change of the period of vibration in the main engine is overcome. The control of the main engine by the engine of constant period may be

) ( uniformity of action is secured, while the engine ist simple and its weight for a given capacity is very greatly reduced. The reciprocating movement of the piston may be Lo rotary converted, by

86 Substitute A WHAT I CLAIM IS: 1. The combination with the cylinder and piston. of engine having duotsar) ports for the admission and dust kar Fb.24 94 exhaust of the steam ogas under pressure, of a

) J The combination with a cylinder, a reciprocating pist on and valve mechanism for controlling the admission and exhaust of the steam or gas under pressure, of a cylinder, a piston connected with

88 Any confultation Lespecting this application should give the serial number, date of filing, and title of Nikola Tesla, Duncan & Page, Room No. 248, Amintirus lould be addressed to Conmissioner of

iling, and a to communication respecting tids Nikola Tesla, Duncan & Page, 120 Broadway, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, Room No. 348. Ammunitions should be creed to "TN&

90 SirHon. Conmissioner of Patents, as follows: Room 248. In the Matter of the Application of Nikola Tesla, No. 495,079, Filed December 29, 1893, Engines. New York, March 3rd, 1894. In the above

J J 1 1 1. J 3 leaving the other parts to be implied. We trust that with this explanation the claims may prove acceptable. Reconsid eration is asked. tuneantrage актрическа, 91