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Christopher Hooper


Christopher Hooper (aka Dr. Spark) is a native to Arizona and hates cold as observed snow/ice once as overrated.

Christopher has been in electronics since before dinosaurs roomed the earth due father in Ham Radio (lots of parts to play with) and received first HAM License in 1969.

Work for many electronics companies in the past including the Grand Prix racing teams building and installing telecommunications equipment; however, in 1984 started as an Electrical Engineer at Intel in the Military Division working on test programs and designing test hardware. Twenty five years later, a Senior Product Development Engineer at Intel working on the newest 6 core 8,000 pin silicon in the 20nm range with a DI/DT of 240amps at 1 volt.

Since RF and Electronics is second nature, starting building Tesla Coils in 1967 as a hobby. Today continues to play with coils. Main focus is Audio modulation of VTTC’s, SSTC’s, and DRSSTC’s with analog modulators to ensure 100% of the sound is processed. Something about a live band playing Tesla Coils is making this a fun hobby indeed.