Richard Hull celebrating his 20th Teslathon.Richard Hull celebrating his 20th Teslathon.From Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond founder, Richard Hull:

Our local group began as the Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond in 1987 and for 13 years we worked solely with Tesla coils improving the normal design of standard coils and pioneering the amateur work on large and high efficiency magnifier transmitter type Tesla coils. We produced over 60 two-hour VHS video report tapes of our activities during that period as well as 6 two hour special educational series tapes relating to the basics of certain coil related activities.

Literally, hundreds of people have purchased our Tesla coil report tapes over the years and have universally reported that the experience was “just like being there.” Similar comments have been made regarding the new I-IEAS report tapes.

Richard Hull's Tesla MagnifierRichard Hull's Tesla Magnifier.The fun of the moment is captured in our report tapes, which are rather informal. Small portions of the processes shown are usually explained or at least clearly shown so that the average, adroit experimenter can replicate or even improve on our work.

The special two hour report tapes are much more basic in nature and more thorough in explanation. They geared more for the beginner not familiar with the subject of each tape.

Educational Series

Build your own Tesla coil from commonly available parts! This complete 2 hour tape covers the history, theory, safety parts procurement, construction, and testing of the intriguing Tesla air core resonant transformer system! This captivating device as been a science fair winner since grandpa's day... continue reading »
Their function and use in a Tesla coil system. Detailed data on obtaining, testing, and using this major component of a Tesla coil. This video tape deals exclusively with the Tesla power transformer as used in Tesla spark gap, disruptive discharge coils. You are given a brief explanation of the... continue reading »
The tape that has been long awaited is here! This complete, two hour long, VHS tape helps you understand capacitors, terms, construction and identification.Valuable info is given to assist in scrounging or constructing this all to illusive Tesla coil component. The basic definition and... continue reading »
The tape for the Tesla coil enthusiast who is tired of being “in the dark.” You are shown how to handle and assemble test instruments that can greatly enhance your knowledge of what goes on in a Tesla coil. Experimental work in Tesla coils demands measurements! This in depth look at Tesla coil... continue reading »
This unusual form of Tesla coil has been around since Tesla used it at Colorado Springs in 1899. Few, if any, amateur coil builders have built or explored the vast possibilities of this fascinating and unique system! This video tape deals exclusively with the Tesla Magnifier Transmitter. Since late... continue reading »
A medium power magnifier extra coil running at 2.5 KW. Sparks are out to 7 feet with only a .018ufd capacitor! Theory Techniques Coupling Tips Top Loading Winding Spark Gaps Capacitors This is the sequel to our original magnifier tape. Our first tape was for the neophyte and persons interested in... continue reading »
Basics of Magnetism Explained! 1 hour of practical lab experience to give the theory some grounding in practical reality! This two hour video tape covers the rudimentary theory and application of magnetism. This work focuses on the permanent magnet, its history and evolution in what might be... continue reading »
Our motor spins at 2200 RPM! History Theory Construction Tips The Mendocino brushless, solar powered, magnetically levitated motor! The original brushless, solar powered motor designed by Doug Doe, and later modified to include magnetic levitation by Larry Spring, is treated in great detail in this... continue reading »
The basics of the fusor are presented in three segments... History of the fusor Theory/Hardware A full 50 minutes of rolling video of real fusors in action! This is a hollow cathode, spherical, ion collider-accelerator type of device. The fusor can be built to satisfy anyone! It can be assembled as... continue reading »

Tape Reports

Introduction of our group to Harry Goldman and others. Richard Hull's large 10" coil explained with many technical details. Ball gaps are shown. Hull's 3" test coil setup shown and a capacitor discussion is given plus firing of same with Alex Tajnsek and Hull taking discharges via wrenches. Hull's... continue reading »
Introduction by Hull. Hull's 10" coil is shown and fired with new custom built dry pole pig transformer. Ron Beck explains the construction of his new “cylinder” series multiple gap. More on Hull's custom transformer and firing of it at 4kw — indoors! Ron's gap under fire! Performing superbly with... continue reading »
The definitive, in depth, take you by the hand, step by step construction of polyethylene capacitors! We use over an hour to show the theory, math and techniques used in building these super capacitors. We actually build four units while you watch. A pilgrimage to Jim Roddy's home in Maryland to... continue reading »
Introductory remarks by R. Hull. Hull's new star rotary gap is shown and tested. Some details given. Alex and Richard visit Bill Richards to see his new power controller box and Bill runs his 3KW plus coil during a thunder storm. Discussion about gaps and Alex's proposed 28 gap series static gap... continue reading »
Richard Hull firing his 3" Tesla coil. Introduction by Hull. Zanny May meeting, shows surplus motor buys, firing of big coil, phone lines arcing outside in the dark, Alex's 10" coil test fired in Hull's setup and lots of Bill Richards style humor. A visit to Bill's house to see his new pretty... continue reading »
Introduction by Hull. Hull's great discovery about toroids and large discharge capacities. An incredible increase in performance and a reduction in power consumption is noted when Hull uses a home constructed 27" toroid! A further increase in power and efficiency is noted when Hull goes to a 34"... continue reading »
Opening remarks. Bill and Richard inspect damage to Bill's big coil secondary. After repair, they “characterize” the coil and discuss characterization and what its value is to the average coiler. We also see Bill's “whistle switch” coil controller. The complete step by step construction of a flat... continue reading »
Introductory remarks. Richard Hull shows in a rather lengthy segment, the exact step by step construction of a “Bill Richards” penny pincher capacitor. While involved, it takes all the guess work out of the use of junk hamfest components to produce first rate Tesla capacitor for small and medium... continue reading »
Opening remarks. Bill Richards shows off his new “littlest” coil. This shows how much spark a knowledgeable builder can squeeze out of only 100 watts of input power. Hull shows his first fully completed Tesla coil! It is his first self contained, portable coil. In the past, to Hull, table top coil... continue reading »
Hull shows us his new 14" secondary coil during construction & tells of an interesting new coating product. We watch a step by step process as Hull assembles a very large primary for his new coil using 5/8" copper pipe. A few tips and techniques are offered to speed the construction of these... continue reading »
Note: This tape contains our first experiments into “free resonant” systems, as well as magnifier principles developed by Tesla at Colorado Springs. It is more suited to the advancing amateur or persons interested in this phenomena. A special treat. This video/still parade of people and their coils... continue reading »
Richard Hull with his "Nemesis" Tesla coil. Hull shows us his new gaps created just for the magnifier experiments. We are shown by Hull how old, useless, large value, high voltage capacitors can be broken up and reassembled into nice Tesla capacitors. New capacitors from older units can... continue reading »
Dave Sharpe demonstrates his coil for Richard and Bill. This is Dave's first coil since high school! He has some unique instrumentation and a salt water rheostat !!! The best shots of the March T.C.B.O.R. meeting are shown In this segment. Buster Knight's oil coil is finished and fired. We discuss... continue reading »
The still photo section leads off this tape rather than bring up the rear. This 20 minute segment first shows more of Jeff Mullins super photo album and then Richard Hull shows us photos sent in by others to us of their coils. A shot or two of Gary Legal's latest coil is seen plus Bill Wysock's “... continue reading »
Richard Hull with several of his Tesla coils. Bill Richards' lab and its completion is shown plus the installation and fine tuning of his Tesla coil. Many lessons about electrical wiring of a Tesla lab are learned the hard way. Bill blows out an air conditioner, a wireless intercom, a power outlet... continue reading »
Richard Hull demonstrates how to use a very low voltage and power with a very small coil, quench gap and toroid to make a disruptive type coil totally silent and behave as a tube type coil. This little coil uses only 4kv and 50 watts to radiate lots of power for bulb and spark experiments! We see... continue reading »
Bill Richards shows us a neat capacitor find he has made at the salvage yard. He has opened one up with a hacksaw so we can examine the “guts.” We see Bill's big coil in action, but as we fire it, little do we know that a capacitor is ready to fail. In the humorous aftermath the capacitor has... continue reading »
Large discharge from one of Richard Hull's large Tesla coil. Richard Hull, after much proding from Bill, has built his first vacuum tube Tesla coil and we see it here in a semi-finished state. The coil uses 3-811a tubes and consumes over 800 watts. It radiates very well over long distances... continue reading »
Some shorts from the October meeting. Bill has a unique medical diathermy unit with tubes in it and Dave Sharpe shows us the new rotary gap idea he has. Hull shows what a Tube coil will do with steel wool. A video trip to our fabled “salvage yard!” You shop around with us for neat Tesla stuff and... continue reading »
Richard demonstrates that over loading a Tesla magnifier with a lot of capacitance in the primary circuit just to reduce the number of primary turns is neither beneficial nor efficient. Quite a reduction in efficiency results from this needless modification, but that's what experimentation is all... continue reading »
Driver for one of Richard Hull's Tesla magnifiers. Bill has had a small fire caused by operating his coil. Despondence follows in the wake of the accident and safety is brought to the fore once more. Richard and Ron Beck fire Nemesis and show just how a home wattmeter is affected by a giant... continue reading »
Opening remarks by Richard Hull. The still photo section in this tape is probably one of the most interesting as many of our Tesla pals have sent in photos of their coils. A most interesting section. Richard Hull shows how he built a simple but effective Tesla power controller for medium power... continue reading »
Alex and Richard continue experiments with the magnifier #4. It seems Richard won't give up on it until he has wrung every bit of experimental power from it. Richard has replaced the rotary which was already great with a super heavy duty unit. The new rotary should handle much more power. The under... continue reading »
Sparks coming from an aluminum sphere connected to one of Richard Hull's Tesla coils. Richard Hull and Alex Tajnsek continue the experiments started in the last tape with more power arc/plasma experiments. This time we see the effect of a very intense, static, magnetic field on the power arc... continue reading »
A fantastic and long awaited segment, shows Dave Sharpe firing his new controller and coil system! Dave has spent one year on this project. Richard and Alex look on and are impressed by the big payoff for Dave, who is now the undisputed king of metering and controller construction in our group. A... continue reading »
TESLATHON 92!! THE THIRD ANNUAL T.C.B.O.R. PICNIC AND TESLA COIL BUILDERS' GATHERlNG! This tape is unusual in that it represents a full two hours of one basic subject. You'll see Tesla coils and their owners not only from Richmond but from all over the U.S. Our tape begins with Richard Hull's... continue reading »
Richard Hull's "Nemesis" Tesla coil. In this first segment we show the promised review of the Toledo Ohio Tesla Coil Builders video tape given to us at the Teslathon 92' get-together. In the first segment, Mark Graalman introduces himself and his group to us. Mark then proceeds to... continue reading »
Coil winding! This segment shows Richard Hull winding the secondary for magnifier #5, a small desktop magnifier. A large number of winding tips are given in this segment along with a complete description of 2 different methods of characterizing a new coil to find out its resonant frequency. Some... continue reading »
The September meeting. A large piece of old medical gear is shown to the group by Bill Richards. It sports three spark gaps and hand made mica caps. It is a beautiful piece for the eyes. Bill has acquired a new Wimshurst generator. It appears to be first rate as Bill talks about the output “... continue reading »
TCBOR member Bill Richards posing with his vintage high-voltage gear. As promised in the last report tape, the still photo section leads off tape #30. This is probably the biggest collection of stills we have ever shown and has shots from Morel Guyot showing lots of vacuum experiments and a huge... continue reading »
The still photo section is as big as ever! A lot of folks are sending in shots of their systems. This time, we are treated to Tesla coils and high voltage equipment sent in by such people as, Richard Quick of Missouri, who has a large and interesting coil with 14 or our polyethylene rolled... continue reading »
Finally, as promised on tape #31 , Richard performs the “Q” experiments and discuses the results on a number of investigations. He discusses the findings and how the results relate to design and performance of real world Tesla systems. A very thorough and involved section. Richard Hull shows some... continue reading »
Richard Hull's Nemesis Coil. The February meeting is shown with lots of fun for all. The first firing of magnifier #7 is shown. Dave Sharpe's new small portable coil is seen as well. We also dabble with an adhoc, un-numbered magnifier. Our little recent test magnifier, #6, is shown in early... continue reading »
Richard and Alex are at Alex's lab. They examine an oil tester that Alex has found at the salvage yard. Alex then amazes us with the smallest extra coil in TCBOR history! The performance must be seen to be believed! Only a magnifier could do this! Bill Richards has just completed a new “funnel”... continue reading »
This is a special and unusual issue of one of our tapes! It is turned over virtually completely to our viewers video efforts. Over one and a half hours of others video comprise the largest “videos of others” section to date! The information is just too interesting and current not to share with the... continue reading »
Dave Sharpe and Richard Hull pose with TCBOR Magnifier #5. The May 93 meeting with Buster Knight's latest coil. It is a tiny cone coil in a small box and does pretty well for such a small unit. Bill is there and explains one of his latest systems as well. Richard and Alex visit Dave Sharpe in his... continue reading »
The still photo section leads off this tape with photographic contributions from Morel Guyot, Dave Goodfellow, Scott Fusare, John Freau, Richard Hull and Alex Tajnsek. This is a good section of fine achievements by coilers from all over the nation. Bill Richards shows us his “aztec sunset” ring and... continue reading »
The still photo section this time contains some interesting submissions from Bob Svangren of Washington, Chuck Cook of Missouri, Dave Baehr of Colorado and Richard Hull of the T.C.B.O.R. In a special video treat from Bob Svangren of the Northwest Tesla Coil Builders, we are shown a unique and... continue reading »
Richard Hull's Tesla coil/magnifier control panel. The video tapes sent in by our viewers begin this tape. First we see Richard Quick of Missouri and his super performing 10" coil. Richard has now moved on to magnifiers but, like us, he first had to master the standard Tesla coil. You'll see... continue reading »
The Still photo section heads up the tape with photos sent in by Scott Fusare of Vemont, Richard Lee of Ohio, Richard Hull of the T.C.B.O.R. and Charles Yost of North Carolina. Charles Yost has sent Richard a Christmas present in the form of a clear lucite rod with a permanently captured lighting... continue reading »
Richard Hull introduces material he hopes to include on this tape. It won't happen though as the material from other people takes up about half of our video report. Some of the material mentioned will, alas, have to be put on hold until tape #42. Video segment from other coilers contains a lot or... continue reading »
Richard Hull's "Bat" coil. This 20 minute long photo section contains the photos of only one person! John Plyler or Denver has just started up a Tesla group in that area and has sent in about 45 photographs of their early activities last winter. John is becoming a regular caller and... continue reading »
This report tape begins with a healthy photo section. These still shots include a large number of photos from Lou Balint of Pennsylvania. Lou shows us an old X-Ray system and his research into the theory behind magnifiers. We will follow up on this! Other's photos include those of Tony De Angelis... continue reading »
The still photo section heads up this tape. As usual we have a lot of interesting shots of the very best of Tesla coil systems produced by folks we know. The photos include those sent in by Daniel Greenhouse of California, Richard Lee of Ohio, John Freau of New Jersey, Marc Gustafson of Colorado... continue reading »
Richard Hull, Dave Sharpe and Alex Tajnsek pose with the Tesla magnifier. Bill Richards and Richard Hull unpack and assemble the the new Dynamic Systems Wimshurst electrostatic generator. Bill is amazed not only by the generator, but the packing material in this humorous segment. Bill, who is our “... continue reading »
A lost episode from the Christmas 1994 season. Alex and Richard visit Bill Richards in his lab. Bill has just retired from the FAA and has a lot of spare time. He has been making homebrew beer. Alex has a blast with the beer while Richard, the designated drive, has one with a meal. A number of... continue reading »
We open this tape with two video segments of work done by others. Lou Balint of Pennsylvania shows us his lab and some magnifier experiments using ultra low power and input voltages. Lou is a true experimenter and starts small to grab concepts. John Freau of New Jersey is back with some new and... continue reading »
Richard Hull's "Bat" Tesla Magnifier. This report begins with a 20 minute segment on the theory of rotary gap design. Computer graphics are used to show how a gap commutates the spark in an AC system. This segment was inspired by the recent ground breaking work by John Freau of New... continue reading »
Jeff Mullins has sent in a great tape of the giant classic coil built by Greg Leyh. Many of you have cried out that I didn't put enough arcs from his system on past tapes. Well stop your complaining! I have a generous 11 minutes 25-30 KW action on this tape segment thanks to our good buddy Jeff who... continue reading »
Teslathon 1995!! On October 7, 1995 the annual gala was held in Richmond at the home and lab of Richard Hull. This 45 minute segment documents the bulk of the 43 people who attended and some of the neatest coils around. We start off with the night before the big bash as about 12 coilers from out of... continue reading »
Richard Hull at the controls of his magnifier Tesla coil. The “Mendocino Motor!” This is not a Tesla coil, but a fun motor which is a light powered, brushless, commutatorless, bearingless, motor which spins and floats on a cushion of magnetic energy. A real short segment on how to get our two hour... continue reading »
This stunning segment is a documentation of our work with Magnifier #11-E during late March of 1996. This records our record breaking performance which produces sparks out to 9.6 times the resonator winding length! As usual, the arcs are fully documented and measured. The lengths are measured... continue reading »
The still photo section, this time, is made up of photos sent in by Glenn Richardson, Dan Elyea, Kevin Eldrige, Brad Mc Peak, and Tim Flood. Featured are pole transformer rebuilding efforts, a half wave Tesla coil, a rotary gap and even a shot of a 90kv X-ray power supply! A good showing of other... continue reading »
Some of Richard Hull's test equipment and instrumentation. We pay another visit to Alex's new lab site where the main overhead structure is virtually complete. Dave Sharpe and Alex have worked all day to finish it up. This will really be a monster lab when finished. Richard Hull has just wound... continue reading »
Teslathon 96!! This is the report of the goings on during our October Teslathon here in Richmond. We see a lot of sparks and arcs, and neat vacuum displays, thanks to Bill Connery. The flea market was the most successful we have ever had. We had 48 boys and girls in attendance this year and I was... continue reading »
The Tesla videos sent in by other coilers heads up report #56. We have a generous 50 minutes of work by other coilers. There is a lot of good material here, too! Kevin Eldridge of Oklahoma is really at the top of his game on this tape with lots of incredible constructions and coil firings. He has... continue reading »
Richard Hull's fusor prototype. The Rochester Teslathon in August at Ed Wingate's home was a complete success! We have, on tape, a number of activities and coil firings. Ed has a new maggy driver and it is seen kicking butt in a couple of nice long shots. Our own Dave Sharpe shows off his... continue reading »
An announcement by Richard Hull that due to a number of factors, tape #58 will be the last official Tesla video report from the TCBOR. The still section is back with photos submitted by Glenn Richardson of Australia, Robert Stephens of Canada, Jim Heagy of California (with some shots of Greg Leyh's... continue reading »
A nice long segment devoted to Bert Hickman's quarter crushing efforts. Bert has really done a good job of documenting his efforts. This is a good tutorial for anyone wanting to know more about this fascinating subject. The May 1998 TCBOR meeting. Buster Knight is back with a number of his fine... continue reading »
Still shots section with photos from other Tesla coil builders around the nation and world. This time, we have pictures from Glenn Richardson of Australia, Martin Dale of England, Kevin Christiansen and Richard Hull. Richard and Dave pay a visit to Tim Raney and check out his latest experimental... continue reading »