FUSOR! - an introduction

The basics of the fusor are presented in three segments...

  1. History of the fusor
  2. Theory/Hardware
  3. A full 50 minutes of rolling video of real fusors in action!

This is a hollow cathode, spherical, ion collider-accelerator type of device. The fusor can be built to satisfy anyone! It can be assembled as a device to study electrified plasmas. It can be made to simulate and demonstrate the action of a nuclear fusion accelerator. It can actually become a nuclear accelerator and perform fusion, thereby generating neutrons I It is up to the end user which function the system is set up for and is based mainly on the degree of difficulty of construction and expense. This is not a simple “quickie” type of project and requires a vacuum pump and dangerous high voltages which can be produced with a homemade power supply.* This is not a “take you by the hands” sort of video. There are no detailed, dimensioned drawings and no bill of specific materials. This tape is a two hour production designed to inform and educate the avid Amateur Scientist or experimenter about the Farnsworth-Hirsch fusor. General construction information is provided in the theory-hardware segment of this tape which should allow the advanced experimenter to start construction and begin experimentation. If you can't build your own, then sit back and watch us as we build and fine tune ours!

*Caution! The fusor utilizes high vacuums which can cause dangerous implosions resulting in flying glass shards. It also demands lethal DC voltages at high currents. These can kill instantly!! For neutron production. explosive gases under high pressure must be used. No instruction is given in this video on the details of vacuum technique or high voltage safety. Should the viewer decide to build a fusor. All the appropriate safety measures should be observed! It is up to the builder to obtain the knowledge necessary to protect themselves. As such this tape is to not be considered instructional for the purpose of construction by Anyone! The TCBOR and its members cannot assume any responsibility for injuries or deaths resulting from construction of fusors based on any information contained in this tape.

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