The Mendocino Motor

  • Our motor spins at 2200 RPM!History
  • Theory
  • Construction Tips

The Mendocino brushless, solar powered, magnetically levitated motor!

The original brushless, solar powered motor designed by Doug Doe, and later modified to include magnetic levitation by Larry Spring, is treated in great detail in this “how to” video. The T.C.B.O.R. version of the “Mendocino Motor” shown on this tape uses modem rare earth magnets to enhance its performance. We start off with the history and evolution of this unique little motor. We then give you all the theory needed to understand the operation and design of the Mendocino motor. We then cover, in great detail, the actual step by step construction of the T.C.B.O.R. style motor. We cover parts acquisition, wood working, magnetic levitation, armature winding, and construction to a depth never before presented.

A large number of detailed video graphics are used to treat the theory and construction of your own version of this fascinating prime mover and concept demonstrator! It would be very difficult to view this tape and fail to be able to produce your own custom designed versions of this motor. As usual, we try to “cover all the bases” in this 2 hour long video tape so that you will have your motor up and spinning in no time at all.

You must see one of these babies run before you can appreciate the concept! Please be advised, once you see a Mendocino motor in action, you will discover that you must have one of your own!

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