Tape Report #15

  1. Richard Hull with several of his Tesla coils.Richard Hull with several of his Tesla coils.Bill Richards' lab and its completion is shown plus the installation and fine tuning of his Tesla coil. Many lessons about electrical wiring of a Tesla lab are learned the hard way. Bill blows out an air conditioner, a wireless intercom, a power outlet and a crystal radio plus ignites some of the insulation in the roof of the new building. See it unfold in this interesting and amusing segment.
  2. Hull shows some of his latest finds from the salvage yard which have Tesla uses. Some heavy contactors and a vacuum interrupter are some of the highlights. He also discusses how to scrounge for parts and where to look.
  3. Jeff Mullins of California investigates a new Tesla coil core material and sends some to the T.C.B.O.R. for testing. We verify his results by constructing a couple of coils which perform very well indeed. We show the winding and firing process here as proof to Jeff.
  4. Hull operates the 6" “extra coil” as a true Tesla coil to see if it produces more spark than when used as an extra coil in a magnifier circuit. Naturally, similar power levels are used in this test as those used in the magnifier.
  5. We are shown a few tips on connecting a magnifier secondary to the base of the extra coil The 1800 watt magnifier is then fired with the new connection.
  6. A synopsis of shots of our early July (pre-Teslathon) meeting. It is the first T.C.B.O.R. meeting to be held at any other place than Richard Hull's home. Bill hosts all of us in his new lab. Buster Knight shows us a remarkable little coil built from a couple of Jeff Mullins' core cylinders. Bill fires his coil for the group and we all breathe ozone for a while.
  7. The still photo section continues with more of Jeff Mullins' fantastic photo album shots.
  8. Hull discusses Tesla labs and their construction and wiring techniques. This segment should help others avoid some of the mistakes that were made by Richard, Alex and Bill if they decide to create a building or area just for Tesla experimentation and coil firing.

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