Tape Report #2

  1. Introduction by Hull.
  2. Hull's 10" coil is shown and fired with new custom built dry pole pig transformer.
  3. Ron Beck explains the construction of his new “cylinder” series multiple gap.
  4. More on Hull's custom transformer and firing of it at 4kw — indoors!
  5. Ron's gap under fire! Performing superbly with a 9kv 60ma. noon sign transformer on Hull's 4" test setup.
  6. Back to Bill's house for a firing of his shiny new 10" coil. Three kilowatts never looked so good at Bill's before!
  7. Alex's house to see his shiny new 10" coil at 2kw. We lose a neon sign transformer while running it
  8. Hull's 10" and a discussion about spark gaps in which both rotary and series static gaps are discussed. Hull keeps the home fires burning here. Also a short talk on primary construction with a big banded spiral shown as well as a coaxial spiral arrangement.
  9. Polyethylene capacitor construction is discussed in more depth as well as mica when used as a dielectric.
  10. Hull talks about a very interesting discovery involving a very innovative and neat new rotary gap idea that is new to Tesla builders but old to Nikola Tesla.
  11. Walter Glod shows us his classic constructed Tesla coil. A really neat old style coil!
  12. Walt also shows us a film clip of his visit to the Boston Museum of Science for a view of the giant Van de Graff static machines there. 20-30 foot explosive gun shot bolts... fantastic!

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