Tape Report #21

  1. Driver for one of Richard Hull's Tesla magnifier.Driver for one of Richard Hull's Tesla magnifiers.Bill has had a small fire caused by operating his coil. Despondence follows in the wake of the accident and safety is brought to the fore once more.
  2. Richard and Ron Beck fire Nemesis and show just how a home wattmeter is affected by a giant Tesla coil's power drain. Lots of sparks and arcs here too.
  3. Buster has built an induction coil powered by a quadrac circuit. Bill and Richard visit him in his shop.
  4. Bill has repaired the damage to his lab and shows us the precautions taken to guard against future fire hazards.
  5. A long, thorough segment showing how to step by step, disassemble, clean, repair and test a 15kv 60ma. neon sign transformer. This is a follow-up to more requests for a detailed account of their repair. Alex and Richard fully restore a dead sign transformer which was obtained at no charge.
  6. Richard Hull gives the steps involved in the construction of his second “series-quench rotary” gap. This gap is to be a replacement for the current mixed gap system used on Nemesis. A good insight is given so that others can construct a similar gap if desired for use on their own coils.
  7. Dave Sharpe has yet a further improvement to offer on the already nice T.C.B.O.R. series quench rotary design. Dave is really burning the midnight oil on gaps!! He shows us his idea on a computer using autocad animation and it looks like a real winner.
  8. The 1992 Richmond “Frostfest” is shown! Our usual booth is setup where the public is riveted to our video screen which shows coils running full bore! This yearly large hamfest is a real magnet for new members and Tesla buddies.
  9. National Geographic Magazine is doing an article on lightning and has sent a photographer to photograph Nemesis.
  10. Dave and Alex work with Richard to fire the new series quench rotary on Nemesis. We see that the heads of the new rotary system can withstand 3kw but not 13kw. Richard is sent back to the lathe to turn out new rotary contacts before making another attempt at replacing his current gap system. Dave has also completed a 10 point rotary and the rough finished piece is shown for the first time in this segment. Richard also shows a couple of new capacitor finds and arrangements.
  11. Dave Sharpe has been taking home videos of his work over the last few months and here are some out-takes from the best of his tape. One of the most interesting items is his super power controller project.
  12. Our closing segment is a gift from Bob Svangren of the Northwest Tesla Coil Builders. Some video shots of his large coil the “Karakatoa” in action. Thanks Bob!

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