Tape Report #27

  1. Richard Hull's \"Nemesis\" Tesla coil.Richard Hull's "Nemesis" Tesla coil.In this first segment we show the promised review of the Toledo Ohio Tesla Coil Builders video tape given to us at the Teslathon 92' get-together. In the first segment, Mark Graalman introduces himself and his group to us. Mark then proceeds to show us his latest project for a large Tesla coil, complete with rotary/quench gap system. We are shown one of Mark's currently operating coils firing. We next are taken on a short video visit to the lab or Randy Petersen in Finley Ohio and see such coils as “Widamaker” and “Thor” do their thing. Finally, we see Dave Lowman and his coils in action. Dave has built a number or coils and they are quite interesting performers. This segment ends the official report of Tedathon 92'!
  2. Richard & Alex have been to Va. Beach again and Richard has purchased over 350 lbs of magnet wire and some interesting capacitors from a fellow in Norfolk. The Grand Junction visit yields some excellent polypropylene, high energy, SCR snubber capacitors at super nice prices. Richard also shows some yard goodies obtained for scrap prices.
  3. Next, we find Dave Sharpe and Richard Hull paying a visit to Alex Tajnsek in his workshop to see what all the secrecy has been about over the past 8 months. Alex is making a very ambitious DC coil system and has assembled quite an interesting group of parts and assemblies prior to final construction. His capacitor manufacturing output, rivals some or the “big” makers, as we see polyethylene caps all over the place.
  4. Richard shows a closeup of one of the giant power line distribution fault interrupters obtained at the salvage yard.
  5. Richard and Dave assemble, from scratch, Duane Bylund's coil as seen in a recent issue of Radio Electronics. The two guys are also shown characterizing it and then firing it. This is a really nice system and mimes a tube coil but contains no primary at all. The system is base fed as in a magnifier system. A most interesting segment.
  6. The photography/videography section is back. Richard gives a few tips on how to use a video camcorder to capture shots or your Tesla coil system. He also explains how to use the “Macro” function on the camera properly.
  7. Our still photo section features a shot of Jim Seagle's coil work in Califomia and a large number of shots of Dan Elyea's vacuum tube coil and discharges. Dan is from Florida. Richard also has some new stills to show of Nemesis.
  8. Richard shows how the T.C.B.O.R. uses small disturbances on a toroid to direct the sparks where needed and contrariwise, keep them from hitting where they are not wanted. All of this without grossly upsetting the field of the toroid. Most people use a simple rod to direct the arc, but Hull tells us why this is bad procedure.
  9. In this closing segment, Hull mentions some of the requests that will soon be included in upcoming tapes and thanks all who helped make our tapes a success.

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