Tape Report #44

  1. The still photo section heads up this tape. As usual we have a lot of interesting shots of the very best of Tesla coil systems produced by folks we know. The photos include those sent in by Daniel Greenhouse of California, Richard Lee of Ohio, John Freau of New Jersey, Marc Gustafson of Colorado and Ray Brubacher of Maryland.
  2. Next, the video section featuring other folk's coils. We are setting aside a nice block of time for these excellent presentations culled from over 8 hours of videos sent in by Marc Gustafson of Colorado, Jim Goss of Alabama, Ed Wingate of New York, John Freau of New Jersey and John Sorenson of Massachusetts. This section is a real good mix of hot sparks and arcs and how other folks build coils.
  3. ..........Teslathon 94.......... The Fifth annual get together of Tesla coil builders at the lab of Richard Hull in Richmond. Meet all the folks from around the country in this video segment. John Washuk from California and John Plyler of Denver traveled the farthest with Ed Wingate coming in third. A total of 35 folks attended. We see Dave Sharpe's new ultra versatile coil winder just completed. Magnifier #9 blasts away in a couple of segments. Ed Wingate talks about his synchronous rotary gap system. We see some of Bill Connery's excellent luminous tubes which he has made and brought to the TesIathon.
  4. The ITS Tesla Symposium is synopsized by Richard in still photos and video still images. Richard takes us to the Colorado Springs lab site at Kiowa and Foote streets. The photos used are a combination of those taken by Richard Hull and Lou Balint. We see a few of the speakers including Jim and Kenneth Corum and Jim Hardesty. The bulk of this segment is turned over to a massive 30+ photograph story telling session covering the giant Wysock model 13M magnifier system. We were allowed “behind the scenes” to record the setup and pre-show tests of the largest magnifier in Colorado since 1899. This is a real show and covers all that was fun and peaked the interest of Richard while in Colorado.
  5. The formal announcement of Richard's new book, “The Tesla Coil Builder's Guide To The Colorado Springs Notes of Nikola Tesla.” Includes pricing and ordering information.
  6. This final segment previews some of the material to be found on tape #45. The closing shots are stills of the group's work with water arc explosions.

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