Tape Report #48

  1. Richard Hull's \"Bat\" Tesla Magnifier.Richard Hull's "Bat" Tesla Magnifier.This report begins with a 20 minute segment on the theory of rotary gap design. Computer graphics are used to show how a gap commutates the spark in an AC system. This segment was inspired by the recent ground breaking work by John Freau of New Jersey. His recent work is covered by Richard Hull in this tutorial.
  2. The video tapes sent in by other coil builders round out the first hour of this tape report.
    • Ed Wingate is seen in his lab, building and firing his first magnifier system. It is large! (A must see segment)
    • John Freau shows us his series rotary gap system and fires it with his magnifier at 1000-2000 watts. He shows yet another new gap which is synchronously driven and utilizes “bunched” electrodes for better power transfer. Finally, he introduces the theory of his new “Synchronous series quench rotary system.” This looks like the best of all worlds!
    • Dave Baehr of Colorado shows us his incredible Tesla coil which is “Nemesis-like” in operation! He has named his coil system, “Tempest.” It is named correctly, too! Another breath-taking coil in action.
  3. The still photo section sports photos from Jim Speer in Washington, Dave Baehr and John Plyler of Colorado and Ed Wingate of New York.
  4. The T.C.B.O.R., and in particular, Dave Sharpe, is still in the gap business. Dave shows off his latest 6 point Bi-Phase series rotary gap.
  5. The May meeting is memorable for the shots of magnifier #11-C destroying a 60 ampere line filter in a blinding, burning, blast of molten metal! Extreme interest is taken in what has happened and the damage.
  6. Richard shows a nostalgic 866 mercury vapor rectifier in a demo circuit for those who were not even born when these were the only “good rectifiers.” These babies could take a beating and keep on goin'. We see some half century old batteries and a new 7.6KVA variac.
  7. The June meeting sees quite a gathering of folks from out of the Richmond area. Three visitors from Pennsylvania, three from the D.C. area, and a new T.C.B.O.R. member, Tim Rainey, make for quite a crowd. Lots of sparks and arcs as usual. Kim shows off a massive piece of plexiglass with a Lichtenberg figure in it from the electron beam accelerator at NRL. Jeff Miller shows off his solenoid motor.
  8. In this last segment, Richard gives a short update on the situation involving water arc explosions. We get a narrated video and slide show as the tape ends.

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