Tape Report #5

  1. Richard Hull firing his 3\" Tesla coil.Richard Hull firing his 3" Tesla coil.Introduction by Hull.
  2. Zanny May meeting, shows surplus motor buys, firing of big coil, phone lines arcing outside in the dark, Alex's 10" coil test fired in Hull's setup and lots of Bill Richards style humor.
  3. A visit to Bill's house to see his new pretty Tesla primary and base mount assembly. Nice craftsmanship!
  4. A very interesting segment on how we restore old dead neon sign transformers. Shows testing, removal from tar and repair of defective coils or windings, along with tips and techniques.
  5. Bill's 4KW coil revisited, with extra capacitance added, the sparks fly anew!
  6. Hull starts work on a new giant coil!
  7. Experiments by Ron Beck and R. Hull demonstrate that low input voltages at high currents on small coils can prove just as effective as high voltages at low currents, but with the added benefit of less strain on capacitors!
  8. The June meeting extends low voltage coil experiments from above to get a 26" discharge out of a 3" coil with only 7500 volts input! Hull runs his new giant coil at 10KW for the first time.
  9. Hull shows new inverted cone style archemedian spiral primary just installed on his new big coil.
  10. Bill and Richard fire the new coil in the lab and some fires start!
  11. Massive 14KW firings start more fires. The first arcs to Hull's house siding are achieved. Some really great slow motion shots of the fires, explosions and arcs are included!
  12. Closing remarks by Hull and pleas for tape swapping and safety consciousness.

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