Tape Report #51

  1. Richard Hull at the controls of his magnifier Tesla coil.Richard Hull at the controls of his magnifier Tesla coil.The “Mendocino Motor!” This is not a Tesla coil, but a fun motor which is a light powered, brushless, commutatorless, bearingless, motor which spins and floats on a cushion of magnetic energy. A real short segment on how to get our two hour “how-to” video. You'll love it.
  2. Our still photo section featuring photos from James Tobin of California, Scott Fusare of Vermont and a huge section of very interesting photos from Kevin Eldridge of Oklahoma.
  3. Alex Tajnsek's slab is poured for the largest Tesla lab yet! This very large 40 X 60 foot building is his new lab outside his new home. Both structures should be completed within a couple of years. He is, wisely, building his lab long before his home. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?! If he runs out of money it will short his home, not his lab!
  4. The November 1995 TCBOR meeting. Bill Richards has (2) new coils! They are both powered by tiny 5ma bug zapper transformers! Kevin Dunn has modified his coil with quench gaps for silent running. A very visual run of Hull's magnifier 11D is featured on this segment.
  5. The December 95' meeting. Ham biscuits and soda are here for the Christmas season. We see an incredible display of old antique looking radio and Tesla material which Tim Raney specializes in hand making. Some newer members and their coils are shown.
  6. In an all too short segment, we see Jeff Miller of Pennsylvania with his “Newman motor” like device in a special visit to Hull's lab.
  7. Tesla Videos from others: Our old reliable Tesla Buddy, Jim Goss of Alabama has seen our #50 tape and plasma panel. Of course, he, in his typical style, out does us to the n'th degree with a beautiful new system which will send everyone scrambling to their workbenches. John Freau of New Jersey, or “Mr. Tube Coil,” is continuing his research on the “Staccato Mode” system which he has pioneered. We see a lot of nice footage here as John fine tunes his ideas on the matter.
  8. Alex and Richard pay a visit to Dave Sharpe's lab to see his new magnifier system, which is still under construction. We see Dave's new Kit-Kat that thinks it's a parrot and have Dave give a detailed overview of his planned system. Later, we power arc test a 3KVA transformer!
  9. The January 1996 TCBOR meeting. Kevin Dunn has just acquired a 9KV-120ma. neon sign transformer (a real brute)! Ron beck has made a classic, air powered, Tesla mechanical oscillator. Tim Raney shows off his small Tesla coil with a hand operated, vacuum pumped plasma tube and magnetically quenched spark gap as a concept demonstrator.
  10. This final segment gives a quick look at Dave Sharpe's interesting “micro-magnifier.” The bulk of this segment is devoted to the long held proposition that the free resonance system is really an electrostatic or capacitive transfer type of system! Nice, thorough experimentation by the “Three Teslateers” Richard Hull, Dave Sharpe, & Alex Tajnsek.

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