The Tesla Capacitor

The tape that has been long awaited is here!

This complete, two hour long, VHS tape helps you understand capacitors, terms, construction and identification.Valuable info is given to assist in scrounging or constructing this all to illusive Tesla coil component.

The basic definition and understanding of capacitors is covered in some detail in this tape. The emphasis is not on general capacitors but on “Tesla Coil specific” capacitors. Some theory and a very few basic equations are given to grasp basic capacitor action. It is a primary mission of this tape not to generally educate the viewer on capacitors, but instead, to give solid hard-nosed assistance and solutions to the Tesla coiler who is in search of a good solid capacitor for his or her coil system!

Our tape begins with a 10 minute video/musical introduction of some of the capacitors our group has constructed in many of our Video Report tapes. Next, the viewer is given the bare bones basics of understanding capacitors, especially as they relate to high voltage disruptive discharge coil systems. After this, a section on discussing the pros and cons of buying or building capacitors is given. A great deal of thought was given to assisting the novice builder, in that we tell how and where to “scrounge” capacitors and save money. A complete section is given on just recognizing what the various capacitors look like so that if the viewer decides to scrounge around, he or she will know what to look for. For the person who wants to buy his capacitors professionally, we give addresses and phone numbers of some major manufacturers of Tesla specific capacitors along with ordering tips and guidelines.

One of the last sections of this tape covers the construction of a modern flat plate capacitor using the finest modern dielectric and techniques which can rival any $200+ professionally built unit. Finally, we give a video index to our already existing video reports which contain hours of detailed capacitor construction projects showing many other ways to make Tesla capacitors. This tape will be a valuable reference source and a bargain at twice the price!

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