Tesla Coil Instrumentation

The tape for the Tesla coil enthusiast who is tired of being “in the dark.” You are shown how to handle and assemble test instruments that can greatly enhance your knowledge of what goes on in a Tesla coil. Experimental work in Tesla coils demands measurements!

This in depth look at Tesla coil instrumentation assumes nothing! You will be shown which instruments you should purchase and which instruments you can make yourself. A lot of information is given about where to obtain the basic test instruments you will need and how to get them inexpensively. The voltohm meter is covered in great detail and its use shown in preliminary testing of capacitors and transformers. Using just a voltohm meter, you are shown how to construct a low voltage AC meter using junk parts and a 1 milliampere DC meter movement. Next, a high voltage AC meter is constructed for measuring voltages up to 15,000 volts AC. Many hard to get items can be made up from parts obtained at hamfests.

The Variac or variable auto-transformer is discussed in detail. This tape tells you how to obtain one and how to hook it up to make a Tesla coil controller or a test panel for checking out transformers and new coils.

The signal generator and oscilloscope are used to characterize a Tesla coil secondary and tune a primary prior to firing for the first time! This all important segment is of value to all “old hands” and advancing coil builders as it tells so much more about the system and the way it operates.

Some more advanced instruments are also discussed such as capacitor checkers and LCR meters and their role in coil construction is shown.

Numerous computer generated graphics and diagrams are used to show “how it all works.” This two hour VHS video tape puts even the most novice electronics buff “in the driver's seat” by the time it is finished. Only with the knowledge of sound measurements can experiments be undertaken in Tesla coil building and research.

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