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Support Tesla Wardenclyffe Lab Nomination for the National Register of Historic Places

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Tesla fans,

Our friends at Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe need our help!

Between now and June 7th, 2018, we have the opportunity to endorse an effort to see Wardenclyffe become included in the National Register of Historic Places. This would really be a great thing for the ongoing project to restore Tesla's laboratory building and create the museum there. The inclusion would solidify this effort, bring a level of protection for the property and provide exposure for future investment.

Wardenclyffe was to be Tesla's greatest achievement. A tower and laboratory designed to send both communication and power, wirelessly, around the globe.

After traveling the world researching Tesla most of my life, I can boldly say that we are extremely lucky that as much of Wardenclyffe still exists as it does and that anything we can do to help further preserve it is a must.

Please join me in supporting the legacy of Nikola Tesla and the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe in this effort.