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TCBA News Volume 11 - Issue 2 Cover

TCBA News Volume 11 - Issue 2

2nd Quarter


Movies, Tesla Coils In · Geissler And Crookes Tubes, Auction · Lamp, A New(?) High Frequency · Movies, Consumer Warning · Movies, Publishers Lists · Tesla, Rock Band, Music Video · Comic Book, Radio Shack · Invention & Technology, American Heritage Of, Winter 1992 · Kirlian Photography, Exhibit, Steve Wozniewski · Movie, My 20th Century · Pacant, Louis G, Also Pacent · Project Tesla, Robert Golka, Status Of Demise · Small Parts Inc. New Address · Cee News, Electrical Construction Periodical · Heart Institute, Miami, Medical Experiments · Tesla-Oudin Connection, A Closer Look · DeAngelis, Anthony J. · Northwest Tesla Coil Builders - NWTCB, Bob Svangren · Van De Graaff Generator, Boston Science Museum · Wireless Power Transmission, Journal Of, Tesla, Inc. · Formulas, TC Construction, Input-Output · Handbook, Recommendations, Input-Output · Tesla Coil, True?, Radio Electronics Article & Rebuttal · Spark Coils Produce Thrilling X-ray Effects · Klydonograph, Making A, With A Tesla Coil · Gap, Quenched Gap, An Unusual, By Gary Legel · Who's Who In Radio, Mini Biographies, Part 3 · Small Oudin Coil, Tesla Coils Resurrected · Spark Gap, Improved, For Solid State Project · Strickfaden, Ken, Electrical Wizard Of Motion Pictures · Tesla Coil Imposters, Letter, Radio Electronics, Mat Klejwa · Frankenstein Quotient, What's Your? Q&A · Frankenstein, On Location · Movie Anecdotes, Special Effects · Frankenlaffter, Cartoons By Gary Larson · Computer Program, The Tesla Coil Designer, John H. Couture · Spark Gaps, Rotary, Custom Made, Wingate Electric · Tesla Coil Builders Of Richmond - TCBOR, Videos, Richard Hull · Tesla Coil Design Manual, John H. Couture

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