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Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil
TCBA News Volume 20 - Issue 4 Cover

TCBA News Volume 20 - Issue 4

4th Quarter


Cover, Harry Goldman, State University Of NY, 1960 · Goldman, Harry, The Dangers In Publishing, Commentary · TCBA News, Is This Goodbye?, Harry Goldman · Tesla Coilers Of Today, Dedication · Electrotherapy, Credit Given, J.M. Martin, C.V. Mosby CO., 1912 · Oudin Oscillator, Tesla/Oudin Coil Project At University · Westinghouse, Compensation To Tesla In Elder Years · X-ray Applications, 1896 German Medical Journal, Translated · Book, Cover Photo, Tesla Rock Group, Basic Guitar Series · Strickfaden, Kenneth J, Birthday, May 23 · TCBA, Deceased Coilers Remembered · Video, Strange Science, Anti Gravity, Hutchinson Effect · Video, War Of Currents, Edison Vs. Tesla, A&E Channel · TCBA News, Final Countdown, Last Issue · Impedance Matching Of Power Transformer To Primary Capacitor · Spark Length, 100 Feet, 50 Million Volts, Letters · TCBA, Letters · Voltage, Secondary, Calculation Of · Teslathon, Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders, 2000, Ed Wingate · Scheidal, W, Coil Co, X-ray And Induction Coils, Catalog, 1906 · Biography, Comic Book Panels, Part 3 Of 3 · Table Top Coil Project, Modern Mechanics And Inventions, October 1929 · Biggg Tesla Coil, 12 Foot Tall, Kevin Eldredge, Newcastle Oklahoma · Goldman, Harry, Autobiography Of An Ordinary Guy, News Clippings · Goldman, Harry, Photos, Autobiographical · Goldman, Harry, Photo Captions For Previous Page Photos · Letter, An Irishman's Wish, Steve And Fay Cole · TCBA News, Last Word, Harry Goldman · Advertisement, Books, George Trinkaus, High Voltage Press · Advertisement, Teleforce & Telegeodynamics Proposals, Leland Anderson · Advertisement, Tesla Presents Series, Leland Anderson,

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