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TCBA News Volume 11 - Issue 4

4th Quarter


Book, Inventions, Researches, & Writings Of Tesla, Tom Martin · Patent, Sparks From Fingers, Henry L. Transtrom · Transtrom, Henry L, Dedication · Godsey, Frank Jr, Back To The Future, Tesla Coils Resurrected · Heathkit, Another Era Comes To An End, Kit Phase Out · Pump Technology, Tesla Type, Demonstration · Scientists, Young, Science Fairs, Mandy Straker · Scientists, Young, Science Fairs, Steve Wozniewski · Spark Plugger, Gary Legel · Book, Nikola Tesla On His Work With Alternating Currents.. · Electricity, The Magic Of, Berkley, Alan Gould · Laforce, Edward, Can.. Save The World?, Inventor · Monitoring Times, Tribute Article, Linton G. Robertson · Transformer/Capacitor Matching, Equation, Doc Taylor · Book, Lightning Bolt Generators, Walt Noon, Lindsay Pubs · Electricity And Medicine In The 19th Century · Film, Nikola Tesla, Updated, The Man Who Lit The World, TMS · Radio, Reinventing, New York Daily News · Radio, The Radical, Project, Suzanne Gaeta, KB2IRH · Invention & Technology, Letters, Frank W. Godsey, Jr. · Invention & Technology, Letters, Raymond A. Brubacher · Letter, Cee News, Harry Goldman · Patent, Diagram, Sparks From Fingers, Henry L. Transtrom · Patent, Text, Sparks From Fingers, Henry L. Transtrom · Madame Electra, Electrical Act, Photo · Who's Who In Radio, Mini Biographies, Part 5 · Spark Gap, Novel Design, Project, Richard T. Quick II · Colorado Springs Experiments, A Few Thoughts.., Richard Hull · Solid State Tesla Coil, Project, Flyback, Mark S. Graalman · Choke, Radio Frequency · Rotary Spark Gap, From Circular Saw Blade · Spark Gap, Simple Experimental, In A Case · Spark Gap, With Air Blast

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