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Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil

TCBA News Volume 12 - Issue 4

4th Quarter


General Electric, NY Area · General Electric, Scientists, Text · General Electric, Tesla Coil · General Electric, Scientists, Photos · Letter, To General Electric, From N. Tesla · Transformer, The Design Of An Oscillation, GE Review · Oudin Coil, A .25kw High Freq, Tesla Coils Resurrected · Lightning And Humidity, Input-Output · Transformers, Pole Pigs, Ballasting, Input-Output · Warnings, Safety, Lethal, Input-Output · Tesla Oscillators, Tips For Tuning, D.C. Cox · Project, Tesla Coil, Terry Oxandale · Tesla Coil, Analysis Of, Mark S. Graalman · Art, Dave Archer, Public Showings · Bulletin Board, Resonance Research Corporation · Capacitor For High Voltage Tests · Clarkson College · TCBA News, Error · Violet Ray, In Present · Washington Post, TCBOR · Westinghouse Electric Company, Former Location · Catalog, Feed Line, 21st Century Books · Magazine, Radio Craft Returns · Museum, France · National Public Radio, NPR, Talk Of The Nation · Plasma Globe, A Centennial · TCBA, Hardship Offer · Tesla Engine Builders Association · Teslathon, Virginia, TCBOR

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