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TCBA News Volume 14 - Issue 2

2nd Quarter


Cover, Medical Devices, Popular Science · D'Arsonval, Jacques-Arsene, Dedication · Gardner, 'Cliff' Bernard, Developed TV Tube, Obituary · Lecture, Previously Unpublished · Magazine, Filmfax, Ken Strickfaden, Cover Story · Newspaper, Horn Speaker, Nikola Tesla's Bold Adventure · Conspiracy, Theory Proven 1 · Ieee, Historical T-shirts Offer · Magazine, Sports Illustrated For Kids, Bill Wysock Coil · Oudin, Article, Translated · Fluorescent Bulb, Safety, Input-Output · Photo, Reprint, Input-Output · Tank Circuit, Measurement, Input-Output · Project, Tesla Coil, Chuck Cook · Math For Tesla Coils, Jerry Gore · Secretary, Observations By, Muriel Arbus, Part 4 · High Frequency Currents, Tesla Coils Resurrected · Catalogs, List · Medical Notes, Various Authors · Massage With Currents Of High Freq, By N. Tesla · Spark Gaps, Medical, Sketches · Electro-therapeutics And Roentgen Rays, M.K. Kassabian, MD · Oudin, Paul, New Method, Transformation Hf Currents · Strickfaden, Kenneth J, Photo File · Book, High Voltage Generation With Air-core Solenoids, Tom Lee · Petition, Wardenclyffe, Historic Preservation

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