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TCBA - Tesla Coil Builders Association

Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil
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TCBA News Volume 15 - Issue 1

1st Quarter
Armagnat, H, Dedication · Choke, Experiments With, Herman W Flynn · Magazine, Radio-TV Experimenter, Cover, Volume 6, 1958 · Museum, Science, Richmond Virginia · Revelations: Book 15, Verses 15-18, Richard Hull · Television Program, Edison's Miracle Of Light, Pbs · Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils, Freau · Goldman, Harry, Technology, Just A Dinosaur · Magazine, M.D. Computing, Tesla Editorial And Lecture · Museum, George Westinghouse, Induction Motor, Wilmerding, PA · Museum, Scientific Discovery, Van De Graff, Harrisburg, PA · TCBA News, Internet, Subscription Requests · TCBA News, Subscription Increase · American Welding & Fabrication Service Problems · Conspiracy, Russian Publication · Fans, A Century Of, AC Motor Patents · Museum, Merger Possible? In Former Yugoslavia · Newspaper, Saturday Evening Post, Franklin Institute Museum · Book, Sparks And Shocks: Experiments From The Golden Age... · Collider, Tesla Linear Accelerator, Is In The Works · Frankenstein, The Science & The Myth, Museum Exhibit · Goldman, Harry, King Kook Of Coils · TCBA News, Thankyou For Membership Numbers · Unconvention, Jeff Mullins · Strickfaden, Kenneth J, Letters Interpret Photo · Transformer, Neon Sign, Input-Output · Magazine, Harper's Bazar, Men And Women Of Interest · Radio Station, Tesla Visits · Chokes, Air Core, Really Protect Transformers?, Herman W Flynn · Chart, Capacitive Reactance For 60 Hz, Henry Hurrass · Teslathon, Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders · Teslathon, Tesla Coil Builders Of Richmond, TCBOR, Richard Hull · Photos, Rochester Area Coil Builders' Teslathon · Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil In Staccato Mode, John J Freau · Tesla Coils Resurrected, 2nd Installment, H Armagnat · Terminal Loadings, Optimization, Resonator Coil, Richard Hull · Computer Program, Tesla View/Tesla 7, For Sale, Walt Noon · High Voltage Supply Kit, Simple, For Sale, Ted Payne

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