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TCBA News Volume 16 - Issue 3 Cover

TCBA News Volume 16 - Issue 3

3rd Quarter


Cover, Colorado Springs Lab · Force, Herbert C, Obituary · Hull, Richard, And The TCBOR, Dedication · Attempted--Not Known, Postal Delivery Problems · Electomagnetic Smog, Italy Makes A Clean Breast From · Internet Address, Email/Web Page Listings, TCBA Index · Lecture, On 'Forgotten Genius' By Ray Duquesne · Ozone Holes, Earth's, Using Tesla Technology To Patch · Paintings, New Of Tesla, Artist Wes Berrier · Australian Nikola Tesla Society, Glenn Baddeley · Clean Energy, Planetary Association For, Newsletter · Kirlian Photography, Poor Man's, Article Popular Electronics · Lamar, Hedy, Beautiful And Bright · Mckie, Scot, What Has Happened To? Energy Machine · Video, Modern Marvels, The History Channel · Capacitors, Secondary, Analysis And Formula, Herman Flynn · Chokes, Ferrite RF Cores, Source Of · Green Monster Coil, Steve Zeitler · Letter, Magaret Cheney · Transformers, Mineral Oils, Kevin Eldredge · Capacitors, And Transformer Effect On Spark Length · Strickfaden, Kenneth J, Subject Of Future Book · TCBA News, Internet Replacement Letter · Transformers, Resurrecting Old · Corrections, Vol 16-2 Pg 6-9, Vol 16-2 Pg 10-11 · RF Chokes For Tesla Coils--The Myths And Facts, John H. Couture · Magnifier, Observations: Part 1, Lou Balint · Article, Tesla Is Provider Of Pidgeon Relief, NY Times · Cover, Electronics Illustrated, October 1959, Article · Catalogs, List Of, Addresses · Cover, Electronics Illustrated, November 1959, Letter · Tesla Coil Wavemeter, Meas Resonant Freq, Herman Flynn · Timer, A Solid State, For Tesla Coils, Kevin Eldredge · Rotary Gaps, Synchronous Vs Non-synchronous, John J. Freau · Rotary Gaps, Synchronous Easy-To-Build, John J. Freau · Tesla Coils Resurrected, Electrician And Mechanic, Part 1 · Photo, Circus Act With Tesla Coil · Book List, Twenty First Century Books · Book, Advertisement, The Search For A New Energy Source · Book, Biography, Advertisement, Marc J. Seifer, PhD · Lecture Series, Advertisement, By James M. Hardesty

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