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TCBA News Volume 19 - Issue 4 Cover

TCBA News Volume 19 - Issue 4

4th Quarter


Cover, TCBA Decal, New Design · De Forest, Lee, Inventor Audion, Vacuum Tube Amplifier, Voice Radio · TCBA News, Final Countdown, Four More Issues · Book, They All Laughed, Ira Flatow, Tesla And Westinghouse Vs Edison · Long Islander Of The Century, Newsday, Cynthia Blair, Tip Sue Gaeta · Magazine, Poptronics, July Issue, Kit Project, Using Ferrite Core · National Academy Of Engineering, Awards 20th Century Achievements · Posters, New Series, By Dr. L. Vujovic, Ordering Info · Video Documentary, TCBA Members Interviewed, Ed Wingate, R Hull · Book, Son Of Tesla Coil, George Trinkaus, High Voltage Press · EHF Corp, Ecco High Frquency, Ridgefield NJ · Herbach & Rademan, Moved To Moorestown NJ · Information Unlimited, Kits, Parts, Books, Ahmerst NH · Light, Pulsed Experiment Exceeds Speed Of · Magazine, Microwaves & RF, Dec 1999, Honors Lee De Forest, Marconi · Letter, Terry Fritz, Changes To Web Addresses, TCBA News V19-3 17 · Letters, To Harry Goldman, From TCBA Members · Lumped Vs Distributed Line Theories, Input-Output · Secret Of A Great Tesla Coil, Last Issue, Input-Output · Strickfaden, Kenneth J, Book Manuscript In Works, Harry Goldman · TCBA News, Last Issue Plans, Input-Output · Variac, Turn On, Transient Rf Current, Input-Output · Magazine, Popular Electricity, July 1913, Air Insulated TC, V8-2 · Marx Generator, A Practical Approach, Don Butler · Marx Generator, How To Build, Voltage Multiplier, Schematic, Diagram · Marx Generator, The Marx Bank, Capacitors, Schematics · Marx Generator, Charging Resistance, Spark Gaps, References · Marx Generator, Photo And Caption, Don Butler · Magnifier, Distributed Systems, Introduction, History, Louis Balint · Magnifier, A New Type Of, With References, Louis Balint · Magnifier, Distributed Multi-Drive, Component Layout, Specifications · Magnifier, Operation, Structural Analysis & Theory, Diagrams · Magnifier, Design Considerations & Final Comments, Acknowledgements · Magnifier, Photo And Caption, Louis Balint · In Advertisement, High Voltage Generation Air Core Solenoids, Tom Lee · In TCBA Decal, New Design · In TCBA Index, Advertisement, Robert Wroblewski

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