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Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil

TCBA News Volume 2 - Issue 2

2nd Quarter


Frankenstein · Strickfaden, Ken, Dedication · Kenstric Science Show · Ratios, Primary To Secondary · Grounding Of Coil · Primary, Ribbon Vs Tubing · Resonant Frequency, Effect Of · Tesla Coil Construction, Principles Part 3, Primary Coil · Tesla Coil, The Primary Coil · Aurandt, Richard G. · Hall, Leon · Ovington, Earle · Tesla Coils, On Display, Griffith Observatory TC · Tesla Coils, Restoration Of Griffith Observatory TC · Cleminshaw, C. · Craigs, High Voltage Lab · Oudin, Maurice A. · Transtrom, H.L. · Coyne Electrical School · Tesla Coils, Coyne, ...Resurrected Coyne Electrical School · Garo, Phil · Tesla Coils, Garo, Member Activity · Experiments, Part 3 · Jacob's Ladder · Cox, D.C. · Tesla Coil Theory, Shifting To Drive · Midwest Surplus Electronics · Mws Wire Industries · Simpson Electric Co

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