TCBA News Volume 20 - Issue 3

3rd Quarter 2001
20 pages


Anderson, Leland I, Dedication, Author And Leading Authority · Cover, Wardenclyffe Tower With Earthworks, Artist Rendition · Wireless Power Debate, Antique Wireless Assoc, Old Timer's Bulletin · Basura, Nick, Obituary, Pro-Tesla Information Activist, Brian Basura · Book, There Are No Electrons, Kenn Amdahl · Master Of Lightning, Book Review, Test And Measurement World · Newspaper, Connecticut, Misrepresentation, Editors Response · TCBA Decal, Sold On eBay · Book, The Childrens Atlas Of Scientific Discoveries And Inventions · Cox, D.C, Recovering Heart Surgery, Resonance Research President · Model T Spark Coil, Not Listed In J.C. Whitney Automotive Catalog · Picture Book Of Niagara Falls, Pierre Barton, Edward Hamilton Books · TCBA News, Final Countdown, One More Issue · Tesla Rock Band, Together Again, Tip By D.C. Cox · War Of The Currents, Stage Play, Aubrey Hampton, Tampa FL · Coil Efficiency, Spark Output Vs Coil Size, Input-Output · Colorado Springs, Streamer Length, Input-Output · Oudin/Tesla Coil, Miniature, Battery Powered, Thomas A. Blanchard · Oudin Coil, Radio World's Fair, NY, Photo And Article · Biography, Comic Book Panels, Part 2 Of 3 · Bi-Polar Resonator, John F. Cooper III, #2051, www.tesla-coil.org · Gap, Rotary Spark, Operation Of Motor, Popular Electricity, June 1913 · Catalogs, List Of, Addresses · Letter, Correspond With TC Builders, Alfred Skrocki · Mean Machine, Donald Graham, Description, Photos Of Table Top TC · Great Inventors & Inventions, Bruce Lafontaine, Dover Pubs, 1997 · Advertisement, Twenty First Century Books, www.tfcbooks.com · Advertisement, UFO Magazine, Subscription Info Card, www.ufomag.com
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