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TCBA - Tesla Coil Builders Association

Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil

TCBA News Volume 5 - Issue 3

3rd Quarter


Adamic, Louis · Kirlian Photography · Information Unlimited · Kagle, Ed · Capacitor Flashover · Rotary Spark Gap, Ideal Speed · Terminal Capacitance · Tuning Coil · Turns Spacing · Wire Size In Secondary · Cohen, Samuel · De Vries, Leonard · Tesla's Experiments With Alternating... · Special Effects · Tesla Coils, Thomas, E.R. · Tesla, Nikola, Return From Europe · Tesla, Nikola, Tesla,motors..... · Tesla's System Of Multiphase Dist.. · Special Effects, Lamp Bulb Exp · Tesla's Plan For Electrically · Pollack, Harvey

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