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TCBA News Volume 6 - Issue 3

3rd Quarter


Broughton, Henry Primm · Edison, Thomas A. · Newman, Joe · Ball Lightning · Bead Lightning · Lightning · Omega Laser · Super Magnet · Superconductivity · Westinghouse Advertising · Health Effects · Mechanical Resonance · Superconducting Super-collider · Tesla High Frequency Dynamo · Weisner, John · Capacitor Failure · Impedance Matching Transformer · Spark Gap · Tesla Coils And The Law · Tesla Coils, Tesla's Magnifying · Tesla, Nikola, At Age 75 · Tesla, Nikola, And His Wonderful Inv. · Tesla, Nikola, At A Banquet · Broughton, Henry Primm · Tesla Assistant, Henry Primm Broughton, At St.louis · Tesla, Nikola, The 5,000,000 Volt Man · Tesla Coils, Member Activity, Thor, Randy's Giant TC · Kolb, William M. · Tesla Coil Myths · Tesla Coil Theory, Tesla Coil Myths

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