TCBA News Volume 9 - Issue 2

2nd Quarter 1990
20 pages


Artemeiff, Nikolaus · Metallic Suit · Steinmetz C.P, Dedication: Charles Proteus Steinmetz · Archer, David, Dave Archer Featured In Omni · Art, Art Into Video · Audio Tapes, From Tesla To Today · Contact Lenses And Arcs; Arcs, Sparks, And Contact Lenses · Navy, The Navy Goes Electric · Tesla Coils, Black Forest, Monster Tesla Coils · Tesla, Electrical Systems Design · Ball Lightning Conference (Soviet Style) · Fanny Anne's Saloon · Gaseous Tube Testers · Lakhovsky Revisted · Plasma Ball, White Lightning Cheaper At Macy's · Scientists And Inventors · Snake Oil For Sale · Tesla, What Happened When · Wireless, Country Wireless · Borderland Sciences · Bulletin Board, Computer, Tesla · CQ Magazine, Amateur Radio · Golka, Robert, Project Tesla Dismantled · Lindsay Publications · Milwaukee Discovery World - The Great Electric Show · Popular Electronics Strikes Again · Project Tesla Dismanteled · Tesla Brochure, Nikola Tesla Brochure · Tesla Coils, Milwaukee Discovery World, Great Electric Show · Tesla Sculpture · Tesla, Man Out Of Time In Hardcover At Reduced Prices · Litz Wire · Steinmetz C.P. · Tesla Coils, Eads, Tesla Mania In The Berkshires... · Ramos, Jerry (Obituary) · Skin Effect, Formula, Resistance Copper Wire At HF · Tesla Coil Demonstrations · Albright Larry, Neon Sculpture · Legel, Gary, Tribute To Gary Legel · Special Effects, Larry Albright - Neon Sculpture · Tesla, Tesla At Westinghouse · Resonance Graph, Tesla Coil Resonance Graph · Computer Program, Tscad · Spinnings

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