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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Critical Condition of Tesla - The Sting of Mrs. Moore

July 26th, 1895
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Our readers will be grieved to learn, on the authority of Mrs. Bloomfield Moore, in the New Science Review, that Mr. Tesla is in a very awkward position. It is a number of days, says this gifted woman, since Tesla crossed the border line of the circle in which other electricians are working, but he still remains in the interatomic field of research, unmindful of the triple conditions that govern electricity in the relation which it sustains to the first order of the "luminous."

This is sad enough, but we have yet to tell the worst. It appears that by reason of Tesla's wicked neglect of Keely's system of resonance he has missed the chance of hobnobbing with electrical phenomena in the sympathetic field, and is standing on a bridge which connects the primary two-thirds of the electric stream - the subdominant current with the dominant.

What a fearsome post is his! But the consequences of his folly will still pursue him, and even though he may hook on to the dominant, he will still be subserved to the terrestrial neutral far in the rear of sympathetic union to radiating celestial outreach, the connecting link of which exists in the interluminous.

Mrs. Moore says, further, that even in the event of Tesla's salvation, he will not have reached the compound interetheric. If such be the case, we should advise Mr. Tesla to climb down at once from his supradominant hypoluminous outreachment, and no longer seek to attain the interatomic realm, but to content himself with hard pan.

The sting of Mrs. Moore is, however, in her - well, our readers will understand. Given a prompt cash settlement, and Keely will plank down all his secrets, and tell us how we may make a ten thousand ton ship float like a gossamer in the summer breeze. (Our readers will kindly take notice that this last poetic vein is our own, not Mrs. Moore's.) Failing this settlement they will die with Keely. The cosmical law of sympathetic association will then be lost to an ungrateful world, and Keely will rise on his vibratory mediums into the far outreach after a life spent in over-reaching, amongst others, Mrs. Moore.


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