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Inventor Tesla Replies to Dr. Louis Duncan, Explaining His Alternating Current Motor

To the editor of Electrical Review: I find in your issue of last week a note of Mr. Duncan referring to my system of alternate current motors. As I see that Dr. Duncan has not as yet been made...
Type: article - Added: 6/17/2015

Some Experiments in Tesla's Laboratory with Currents of High Potential and High Frequency

Fig. 1. — Lighting a disconnected vacuum bulb of 1,500 candle power by high-frequency currents — Photograph taken by the light of the bulb itself, exposure about two seconds. To the Editor of...
Type: article - Added: 11/3/2011

Tesla Describes His Efforts in Various Fields of Work

(From The Sun , New York, November 21, 1898) TO THE EDITOR OF THE SUN – Sir: Had it not been for other urgent duties, I would before this have acknowledged your highly appreciative editorial of...
Type: article - Added: 11/1/2011

Tesla's Latest Advances in Vacuum-Tube Lighting - Application of Tubes of High Illuminating Power to Photography and Other Purposes

To the Editor of Electrical Review: A few years ago I began a series of experiments with a view of ascertaining the applicability of the light emitted by phosphorescent vacuum tubes to ordinary...
Type: article - Added: 10/31/2011

On the Source of Roentgen Rays and the Practical Construction and Safe Operation of Lenard Tubes

I have for some time felt that a few indications in regard to the practical construction of Lenard tubes of improved designs, a great number of which I have recently exhibited before the New York...
Type: article - Added: 10/31/2011

On Hurtful Actions of Lenard and Roentgen Tubes

The rapidly extending use of the Lenard and Roentgen tubes or Crookes bulbs as implements of the physician, or as instruments of research in laboratories, makes it desirable, particularly in view of...
Type: article - Added: 10/30/2011

Tesla on the Roentgen Streams

The following lines may contain some useful information for physicists and physicians. Those who, in the exercise of their professional duties are applying the discoveries of Roentgen to the relief...
Type: article - Added: 10/30/2011

Roentgen Rays or Streams

In the original report of his epochal discoveries, Roentgen expressed his conviction that the phenomena he observed were due to certain novel disturbances in the ether. This opinion deserves to be...
Type: article - Added: 10/30/2011

Tesla Describes an Interesting Feature of the X-Ray Radiations

The following observations, made with bulbs emitting Roentgen radiations, may be of value in throwing additional light upon the nature of these radiations, as well as illustrating better properties...
Type: article - Added: 10/30/2011

Tesla’s Latest Roentgen Ray Investigations

Further investigations concerning the behavior of the various metals in regard to reflection of these radiations have given additional support to the opinion which I have before expressed; namely,...
Type: article - Added: 10/29/2011

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