Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Marconi Doesn't Believe in Tesla's Promise

January 24th, 1900
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A special cable dispatch to the N. Y. “Sun” from London states that the Secretary of the Wireless Telegraphy Company says that Inventor Marconi will make extensive tests in England in 1900 in behalf of the United States Government, with which negotiations are merely in abeyance. Marconi thinks that the present limit of eighty-six miles in communication will shortly be raised to 150 miles. He has no belief in Nicola [sic] Tesla’s promise to communicate across the Atlantic. He believes that science, while gradually progressing, will be unable to obtain such great results before the preliminary difficulties have been surmounted. Personally, he does not expect, yet, to girdle the Atlantic. Meanwhile, the “Daily News” reports that Emilion Guarini, a native of Puglia, Italy, who is little more than 20 years of age, has discovered a means of utilizing Marconi’s invention at the greatest distances. He accomplishes this by means of his own invention, which is called a repeater and which he says receives the electric waves and is capable of transmitting them to other repeaters for continuous repetition. He says he needs a repeater only at every five-hundredth mile. He further claims that his invention will enable polar expeditions to keep in constant communication with civilization.


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