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Nikola Tesla in Belgrade

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The bust of Nikola Tesla, by Ivan Meštrović

During his scientific sojourn in Europe, in the course of which he was acquainting his European colleagues with his discoveries in electrotechnics, on May 20, 1892, Tesla came to Belgrade. He wanted to inform Serbian people about the accomplishments of contemporary science and to help them to achieve those accomplishments by themselves, so their lives would be easier.

Rumors about his great discoveries had reached this small Balkan country long before him, so his visit was received as a great honor and as a social event of the highest order. It’s no wonder that on that day Belgrade railway station was dressed in festive garments and was full of curious people who wanted to see the genius who sprouted from our soil. Military orchestra was playing and not only artists, scientists and public figures gathered, but also the highest representatives of the government, so it looked more as a reception of a highest-level politician than a salute to a scientist.

When he stepped on the Belgrade soil, thousands of shouts were heard and bouquets of fresh flowers flew on Tesla. The atmosphere was indescribably beautiful - Tesla, who did not like flattering and praises, was sincerely delighted and deeply touched.

In the evening, in the full to the brim the Great School aula, the great man of the electrotechnics addressed the professors and students. Unfortunately, what Tesla with such passion and inspiration lectured about was so new and revolutionary that even the most educated and experienced professors were not able to comprehend. However, they listened to him in amazement and then, like mesmerized, watched Tesla’s light bulbs gleaming without connection to the source of electricity. This event is considered as a preface to electric lighting of Belgrade.

About the significance of this visit to the small kingdom speaks the fact that our great countryman was received in ceremonial audience with the monarch of the country.

Despite such warm welcome, the visit was short as his responsibilities to the science drew him back to his laboratory, so he could continue researches he had ceased because of the trip to Europe.

The send-off was magnificent, just like the reception. The difference was that the hosts and the guests were sad. Tesla gave promise to visit Belgrade again. Unfortunately, because of his assignments he never again visited the city that had welcomed him so sincerely and warmly.

His visit was a great stimulus for the implementation of electric lighting in Belgrade. The first electric bulb in this city shined in 1893 which put Belgrade, at the time the capital of a small and poor kingdom, side by side with other great European and world metropolises.


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